Quiz: Are Your Plans With Your Crush REALLY A Date?

A few years ago, my now-girlfriend asked me out on a date. Problem is, neither of us actually knew if it really was a date or not! It was only after we started dating that we reflected back on that bubble tea outing and decided, yes, that was our first date.

Her intentions were for it to be a date from the beginning…but she didn’t know if I picked up on it. I didn’t.



Sure, I thought it could maybe be a date. But we were also friends, so maybe she just wanted a bubble tea buddy. And I happen to like gelatinous tapioca pearls floating around in my taro milk tea.

My point? Well, it’s pretty effin’ hard to figure out if you’re going on a date sometimes! I totally understand because, duh, I’ve been there. Need help decoding your crush’s intentions? We’ve got you covered with this quiz. So find out if it’s really a date or not…or maybe somewhere in the confusing in between!

What were your results? Are you prepping for a date or for a casual hang out that may leave you a tad bit disappointed? Let’s chat it out in the comments below!


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