8 Reasons Why Plus Girls Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Go Sleeveless

A lot of plus girls go to great lengths to cover their arms. Yes, even in the summer. I understand the logic on a personal level. My arms are one of the many places where fat seems to collect on my body. And some days I’m not entirely comfortable with my own sleeveless appearance. Covering up seems appealing. If you can’t get rid of your “flaws,” you might as well mask them. Right?

Well, here are the facts: First, arm fat isn’t a flaw. It’s something we all have. No need to hide it away. Second, it’s freakin’ hot in the summer! And you definitely don’t deserve to be sweating up a storm in arm-covering cardigans. It’s just not practical for the summer swelter!

Here’s what you need to do: Love your arms! No matter how much fat is collected there. Need help doing just that? Well, we’re here to give you a little arm inspo. Here’s 8 reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to go sleeveless this summer…even if you’re plus size!

1. Your arms are beautiful.

Yes, really. No matter their size.

2. Your pits deserve to BREATHE.

It’s hot, honey! Don’t suffocate those pits!!! What did they ever do to you?

3. You will be about 30 degrees cooler.

It’s scientifically proven. Sort of.

4. Anyone who says you DON’T look fine is just a hater.

And we send haters to the left! Pay them no attention whatsoever. And give them a sassy comeback, if you have it in you.

5. Wearing coats and cardigans in the summer is just plain torture. 

You deserve so much more than a super sweaty body!

6. You’ll be fighting back against bogus social norms!

Fashion as a political statement? Yes please!

7. You’ll be open to a whole new world of fashion!

Tank tops! Tube tops! Sleeveless dresses! Just think of the possibilities!

8. You’ll look fine.

No, really. You will.

So, are you going to go sleeveless this summer? Any other looks you’re apprehensive to rock because you’re plus size? Let’s chat all about it in the comments below!


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