10 Real Girls Discuss If Using Sex Toys Counts As Losing Your Virginity

The concept of virginity is a pretty interesting thing. There are a lot of myths surrounding it like that your hymen is a thing that actually breaks or that it “breaks” exclusively from having sex. Virginity can mean different things to different people, which is why it’s such a complicated idea.

I stumbled upon an interesting question on the message boards: does using a sex toy count as losing your virginity? I personally don’t think it does because masturbation and sex aren’t the same thing. Check out what some fellow girls had to say:

Do you think using sex toys counts as losing your virginity? What do you define as losing your virginity? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • VetTechBabe

    I view virginty as the “First sexual incounter” I have with another person. Whether that be penetrative or not. Virginity is emotional as is the connection with another person. Neither are tangible things.

  • ☆Toto☆

    They’re called sex *toys* for a reason. If I said my first car was a remote-controlled one it wouldn’t count! Shouldn’t it be the same with people? Sexuality is so tricky, though, because physical connection comes in so many forms. Kissing, hugging and snuggling can be just as intimate as the….heavy stuff. o//o