8 Stereotypes About Popular Kids You Never Knew Were Wrong

Popular kids in movies and television are always seen hanging out together, bullying other students, obsessing about their looks, and generally being awful. While there are some popular kids out there who act that way, the majority are normal students who are sick of being stereotyped. I wasn’t popular in the beginning of my high school career, but I was very good friends with that crowd and eventually was what most would consider popular.

And with the small exception of a few people in the group, everyone was really cool and nice and fun to be around. I’m not friends with mean people. Stereotypes about any group, even the popular kids, aren’t cool. Here are some misconceptions you might have about popular kids in school:

1. That they’re mean

Contrary to what you see in the movies and TV, many popular people aren’t mean. They’re actually the opposite and are generally well-liked. Being mean really doesn’t get you anywhere in life, and it certainly doesn’t get people to like you.

2. That they just care about appearances

Not all popular folks are like Regina George. Many don’t focus on looks. And there are plenty of people who aren’t considered popular that do focus on looks.

3. That they “peak” in high school

Some people peak in high school. That’s totally true, but just because someone is popular in high school doesn’t mean that’s the best they’ll ever be.

4. That they’re dumb

I’d say 95% of the popular people I know were (and still are) super smart. Not studying and failing your classes doesn’t actually make you cool.

5. That they’re only friends with other “popular” kids

Again, most of the popular people I know were friends with everyone. There was a select crew that only hung out with each other, but the rest of the “populars” were super nice and friends with everyone in our class. I’m sure some popular groups only hang out with their clique, but it’s not the majority.

6. That they’re rich

There were plenty of rich kids who had small groups of friends and plenty who had large groups of friends. Believe it or not, money doesn’t buy you friendship.

7. That they’re partiers

Half the so-called popular crowd at my school didn’t party or drink or anything like that. A lot of them were athletes or really focused on school and didn’t want to screw that up. Just because you’re in the popular crowd doesn’t mean you’re into partying.

8. That their lives are perfect

Everyone has problems, whether popular or not. It can be difficult to see, especially if someone appears happy or put together on the outside, but sometimes the popular people have really heavy stuff going on.
What do you think about popular stereotypes? What other misconceptions are there about popular kids? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • I’m pretty popular – and none of those are true for me, except the peaking in High school one. I mean, before high school, I was a silly 8 year old who only cared about 2 things – Chain Chomps and Hannies (American girl models)