12 Things You’re Sick Of Hearing If You Got Back Together With Your Ex

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about four and a half years. While things are amazing for us now, they weren’t always that way. We broke up after our first eight months together, and we were officially apart for a little over three months. We obviously ended up getting back together, and even though those three months were short compared to the rest of our time together, it was still a pretty big deal. So, yeah – I got back together with my ex. 

Making the decision to get back together with him wasn’t easy. First of all, I had spent my whole life reading relationship advice that essentially said “NEVER GET BACK WITH AN EX EVER IT IS THE WORST IDEA.” Second, I had just spent three months bashing him to everyone who would listen because I was acting immature and petty, and I was honestly kind of embarrassed. We got back together secretly, and didn’t tell anyone until a month in, when we were sure that things were going to work out.

It’s true – getting back together with an ex isn’t always the best option. In fact, a lot of the time, an ex is better left in the past. But there are exceptions to this rule. Sometimes people really do need some time apart to find their way back to each other. So, if you’ve given an ex a second chance and you’re now dealing with the fallout, you’ll definitely be able to relate to this post. Here are 12 things you’re sick of hearing if you got back together with an ex: 


1. Wait, didn’t you guys break up?


Why, yes. Yes we did. Thank you for pointing out the obvious.


2. An ex is an ex for a reason. 




3. Don’t come running to me for comfort if he/she treats you badly again. 


Oh, okay. Thanks, you sound like a good friend.


4. LOL okay. *Eyeroll* 


Cool sarcasm.


5. Why did you guys break up before?

rachel zoe

If you have to ask because I haven’t told you, it’s probably none of your business.


6. Have things changed between you or are they the same?

powerpull girls

Obviously they’ve changed.


7. Did you guys hook up with other people when you weren’t together?


Thank you for bringing that up. I love thinking about it.


8. I’ve never met a couple who gets back together and manages to work it out.


Good for you.


9. Are you sure you actually want to be with him and you’re not just lonely and sad?

emma stone

I think I know what I want, thanks.


10. There are so many other people to choose from, why go backwards?

amy poehler

Because sometimes it doesn’t matter who else is out there.


11. But I thought you said you would never get back together with him. 


Sometimes people change their minds!


12. I’m going to laugh when things end the same way they did before. 

girl bye

That’s so sweet of you.


Which of these can you relate to the most? Have you ever gotten back together with an ex? Tell me in the comments.

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