20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Sensitive Girl

Despite the fact that I love to joke around and can take a lot of heat, I’m a very sensitive person. Perhaps it’s because of my anxiety or that I’m hyper-aware of what’s around me. Most people are sensitive to certain things. And then there’s highly sensitive people. It’s an actual psychological trait that is found in 15-20 percent of people.

Unfortunately, being sensitive is seen as a bad thing, but it’s actually not. It’s part of your personality just like being an extrovert or introvert. If you’re a sensitive girl, you definitely relate to these things:

1. You have a lot of feels.

Sensitive people actually do feel feelings more strongly than others.

2. You can get easily overwhelmed.

Maybe you have too much to do, maybe there are too many people around, maybe you’re just really tired.

3. You are very in tune with other people’s emotions.

That’s why a lot of people tend to confide in you.

4. You hate seeing other people get hurt.

It makes you very upset.

5. You don’t like scary or violent things.

Because you don’t like seeing other people in bad situations. Also, you’re easily startled.

6. You live in fear of letting people down.

It’s the worst feeling.

7. You hate making decisions.

Because what if you make the wrong one?

8. You’re a perfectionist.

Everything has to be right.

9. You pay attention to things that other people don’t.

You notice the little things.

10. Loud noises can really bother you.

So can bright lights and unpleasant smells.

11. You’re super polite.

You know, because you don’t want to make anyone think you’re rude.

12. You might not be the best at receiving criticism.

It’s not your fault you take things personally, but you do work very hard to avoid being criticized at all.

13. You find yourself moved by lots of things.

Whether it’s movies, art, music, landscapes, etc.

14. When people tell you to “stop being so sensitive” it makes you upset.

I mean, it’s literally your personality so…

15. People mistakenly perceive you as being weak.

In reality, highly sensitive people are very strong. They’re just really in touch with their emotions. Let’s stop thinking of sensitivity as a negative trait, eh?

16. Bad news can actually ruin your whole day.

I used to work in the news, and I was super depressed.

17. You have a low pain tolerance.

Which sometimes makes people think you’re faking injuries, but you’re not!

18. You can get emotional about ridiculous things.

True life, I cried because Boston Market gave me sweet potatoes instead of mashed potatoes.

19. You have great intuition.

You usually know when something is wrong and if someone is lying.

20. Sometimes you need a little breather because feeling things is exhausting.

Not all sensitive people are introverts, contrary to popular belief. Even the sensitive extroverts need some time to decompress because they can get overwhelmed by feeling so much all the time.
Are you a highly sensitive person? What other traits do you have? Tell us in the comments below!
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