12 Gross Slang Words For Penis That Will Make You Never Want To See One

I don’t really know when this started, but there’s a game where you take turns saying “penis” in public until you’re basically yelling it. It’s hilarious because penis is genitalia and LOL we’re not supposed to talk about that stuff, right?! God forbid anyone utters the word “vagina” out loud. That’s just asking for trouble.

Because people are so embarrassed to refer to body parts by their scientific names, even more embarrassing slang terms for were created! I, personally, love it when my vag is referred to as a Hot Pocket, you know? Since we already explored vagina slang, let’s check out some penis slang words:

Which word do you hate the most? What other gross slang words for penis have you heard? Tell us in the comments below!
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10 crazy slang words for “butt” that will make you cringe

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  • Melanie Adams

    really, are they kidding? these aren’t even close to being gross. i’ll give you gross-how about custard launcher, mayo shooting hot dog gun, heat-seeking moisture missile, or a one-eyed yogurt slinger? you’re welcome.

  • John Dugan

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  • aeloftin

    I personally remain a fan of “Hot Beef Injection”. Thanks, The Breakfast Club.

    • Melanie Adams

      isn’t that describing actual fucking, rather that the penis? wouldn’t it be a hot beef injectOR? lmao

  • AgainstTheWall

    blue veined junket pumper is the worst I’ve heard, oddly creative though