12 Stupid Yahoo Answers Questions About Girls With Piercings

I’ve had my ears pierced since I was a baby, but recently I’ve been itching for a piercing on another part of my body. Some friends of mine love their nipple piercings, but the thought of doing that makes me crawl into a fetal position. Belly button piercings, tongue piercings, and lip piercings are definitely not my style. And while I might want another piercing on my ear, it seems a bit boring.

But nose piercings…yeah, that’s the one I’ve been going back and forth on. I’ve weighed the pros and the cons, debated what kind of ring I’d want, etc. I’ve been thinking of going or a nostril piercing, but I’ve seen so many amazing septum piercings lately, so I’m ten levels of indecisive right now.

Yet, while I’m wondering what piercing would look best, there are plenty of people out there who think that piercings in general are ugly and unladylike. Not everybody has to like piercings, but some people have the most over the top reactions to something as minor as a little nose stud. Here are 12 stupid questions from Yahoo Answers about girls with piercings that will make you want to do some violent things with one of those piercing guns from Claire’s.


1. Boo effing hoo, bro.

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 11



2. Believe it or not, I’m pretty sure most women with piercings don’t care about pleasing your standards.

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 10



3. Pro tip: Telling someone that you know they’ll regret a cosmetic decision they make is pretty condescending.

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 8



4. Who cares?

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 3

christina applegate married with children bored gum


5. No.

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 2

effy skins blowjob


6. “If I was attracted to metal I would be humping cars, but I am not.” No words.

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 4


7. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 5

rihanna nah


8. And the award for the most obnoxious dude on the planet goes to…

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 1


9. There are plenty of people out there who don’t find facial piercings ugly. Wow, what a shocker.

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 6


10. Pfft, good luck.

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 9


11. Oh, I didn’t realize that having a piercing makes you a slut. Wow, my bad.

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 7


Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy


12. You can take your love for “natural beauty” and shove it, dude.

Yahoo Answers Questions Girls With Piercings Pierced 12

piercing girl mouth lips


Do you have any piercings? Do you get negative or positive reaction about them? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ria

    I’ve got snake bites, septum, nose ring and a lot of piercings on my stretched ears. I love piercings and i dont care about boys. Boys suck. :3

  • Doc

    It’s like girls are upset they did not get hit with the ugly stick that they hit themselves with it. It’s absolutely bizarre.

  • B.

    Lol my ex refused to let me get ear piercings (like it was his choice) due to his ear biting fetish so I dumped him and now have 6 ear piercings and a hunky boyfriend who loves them.

  • June Reed

    Boi we want tattoos and piercings because we like art and it’s like art for your body that’s also why we like makeup believe it or not we don’t do everything to attract a partner

  • Sam Lane

    My ex refused to look at me for 3 days after I got a TINY LITTLE NOSE STUD. He pouted about it and told me I was ugly multiple times. He even would tell me I’d look stupid and ugly just dying my hair…. Regardless, I dyed my hair purple and have had 11 piercings since 🙂 getting my Ashley piercing and tongue pierced soon!

  • Red Queen

    lol. the guy who called tattooed and pierced women idiots and then misspelled “think”. i’m the most cynical person on earth but it never ceases to amaze me how ignorant, narrow minded, and over dramatic some people can be. and the majority of these guys are raising hell over ONE tiny piercing. i mean what the fk. it’s not even like they’re aspiring to be the next ‘vampire woman’.

    also, they realize bodymod is an entire subculture and men get piercings and tattoos as well? so why is all that condescending sanctimony restricted to women?

    i highly doubt that jackass’ ex really cried when he dumped her, any rational woman would scoff or outright laugh in his face. but the worst offence here was the guy who insinuated that it was wrong for a woman to look good for anyone other than him. pfft. i mean are these guys for real? i’m almost expecting a ‘truman show’ type thing going on here.

    it’s not that complicated. we get piercings for the same reason we make particular clothing choices, or do our hair or makeup in a certain way. it’s our style- that’s what we’re expressing. we like how it looks. some of us get tattoos of things that are personally meaningful to us.. and that’s something else we’re expressing.
    we don’t do it for other people- and it ISN’T for other people. you think it’s an eyesore? then don’t look. common sense. nobody is putting a gun to your head. want to break up over a piercing, then break up. it obviously wasn’t meant to be.

    but this is obviously not about natural beauty or whatever BS.. i think these guys are just major pussies who get squeamish seeing a piece of metal sticking out of human flesh.

    also, don’t pretend to speak on behalf of all men, because a lot of them are cool with piercings and tattoos (often because they have it themselves) or even find it attractive. not everyone is as close-minded as you.

  • Katelyn Sanborn

    I have my left eyebrow pierced and the middle of my lip pierced. I did not get these done to impress people, I got them done because they make me happier and I have always wanted them. I am also allergic to the metal in normal earrings so I chose to not get ear piercings (I know I could get gauges but haven’t because of scarring on my ears) Some people, like children, stare but I have never had an adult or teenager be disrespectful or rude about what I chose to do to my face.

  • Kit Kat

    Why do men think their opinions matter on what we do with our bodies? Ugh.

  • Jody Schaefer

    I’ve got 4 holes in each ear. 2 of them are big enough to stick a finger through and the smallest is a little bit smaller than a ballpoint pen in diameter. I also used to have my lip, eyebrow, and nose pierced but I took those out a few years back. Sure there are people with negative reactions, there’s people who stare, but there are plenty of people who complement me on my ears too. And for the people who stare at me relentlessly I just stick a finger through my ear and that usually handles it.

  • Emily

    OMG! I got my nose pierced at 19 (then repierced at 20) and some of these questions are SO aggravatingly STUPID! A lot of these guys need to SHUT up but the answers were funny.

    • Ashley Reese

      I like how dudes act like they’re ultimate authorities on what girls should and shouldn’t do with their bodies. Ugh, as if.

      • Seriously. Have you ever seen those articles that are like “Fashion Trends Men Hate” Ugh NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK! *eyeroll*