7 Stereotypes About Nerds You Never Knew Were Wrong

Nerds unfortunately are highly stereotyped, which totally sucks. Everyone is subject to stereotypes, but nerds I think have it pretty bad. There are just a lot of misconceptions that are completely incorrect. I hate it when people make fun of nerds because, like, when did being super intelligent or having an interest in something become a bad thing?

Anyway, check out these nerd stereotypes you didn’t know were wrong:

1. That they’re socially awkward

It’s pretty common in TV and movies that nerds are depicted as socially awkward and weird around other people. Being a “nerd” doesn’t mean you don’t have social skills. Plenty of people who aren’t considered nerds have terrible social skills while plenty of nerds are great with people.

2. That they’re not attractive

Someone’s intelligence or interest in something does not have anything to do with their level of attractiveness or vice versa. Do you know how many hot nerds there are? TONS.

3. That they’re loners

Nerds are also portrayed as being loners or only being friends with other like-minded nerds. Being a nerd doesn’t mean you have no friends or like to be alone, although surely some nerds do like to be alone, just like people who aren’t nerds like to be alone.

4. That they all wear glasses

Eyesight has no reflection on your personality or anything. Some people wear glasses, and some people don’t.

5. That they’re all into sci-fi, gaming, etc.

You can be a nerd about anything, not just science fiction, gaming, comics, or what have you. Technically being a nerd just means you have a great interest in a certain thing. I’m a book, beauty, and writing nerd.

6. That they’re all tech-savvy

Do you know how many “nerds” I know who couldn’t fix a computer to save their lives? So many.

7. That they’re not athletic

Being defined as a nerd has no bearing on your athletic ability.

What other nerd stereotypes are wrong? Tell us in the comments below!
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