20 Disgusting Things People Say About Feminism

Just when I thought today couldn’t get any better, the #HowToSpotAFeminist hashtag started trending on Twitter. I always wanted to know how to spot one of those! Conservative talk radio host Doc Thompson started the hashtag so he could discuss feminist spotting tips on his show!

I wasn’t aware that feminists were hiding or that you could guess someone’s beliefs just by looking at them, but what do I know? I’m just a silly woman!

Fortunately, feminists are taking over the hashtag now, but here are some gross examples of why we still need feminism:

Oh, okay.

Because pubic hair has everything to do with it.

LOL vultures.

Are we? I did not know that.

Hahahahaha okay.

Not really how it works, but sure.

Yeah because it’s totally absurd to get upset about a hashtag that targets insane stereotypes.

Ah, the good ol’ calling someone crazy to try to invalidate them!

Make up stuff like statistics and reports?

Feminists are ugly. Got it.


Oh yeah, you nailed it.

Feminists aren’t above getting help. Oh, and men can be feminists too.


Oh yeah, I have fishtail braids.

Sounds more like a hipster, tbh.


Sweet joke, brah.

Yup, wanting equality for the sexes is just being a victim.

It’s from drinking all those male tears.

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  • Get defensive all you want but I haven’t encountered a feminist who’s not mean, belligerent and vicious. They spew vitriol and insults freely and are terrible to both men and traditional women.

    So until they actually learn to function as nice people, I’ll hang onto my opinion that they’re just a bunch of combative and angry shrews for a while longer.

  • Alas, they’re right. Not even feminine women like these belligerent and masculine she-males.

  • Tom blanch

    You know what’s disgusting. You self entitled and arrogant women suffering from daddy’s princess syndrome. Rape culture is not real and neither is an invisible patriarchy trying to oppress your gender. Please stop spewing this bullshit onto the Internet to brainwash good and honest women. You feminazis are what is ruining America. Pull your heads out of your asses and come to reality. Women today have the easiest lives in the entire history of the world. You self absorbed bitches disgust me.

    • beneath_youre_ beautiful

      Oh. My. Goodness. Class dismissed. You’ve officially been dismissed. So………so many things wrong with what you just said. You’re entitled to your own opinion, yes, but when you start bashing, and claiming that things like rape culture aren’t real, that’s where we have a problem buddy. This is one of the things we fight. IGNORANCE AND LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF THE TERM ‘FEMINISM’. Which is clearly what you have. Forget class being dismissed. Maybe you should go back and educate yourself before talking down on people who clearly have more of an understanding than you do. “Have a great day!”

  • nkd

    those disgusting jerks especially that “indain meninst” guy

  • Andrew P.

    #killallmen am I right? Three waves for feminism! Hip Hip, patriarchy! hip hip, misogyny! hip hip rape culture.

  • Merp

    Maybe if the current wave of feminism wasn’t reduced to people on Tumblr bitching and complaining over STUPID STUFF people wouldn’t say these things! Oh, that last “joke” about male tears proves the things they’re trying to say. That was totally 100% hypocritical. Smfh #HowToSpotAFeminist

    • ImmuneSubstance

      Did you come chasing after the hashtag? I also think you totally missed the point of the joke. Actually, I think you are the point of the joke.

      • Merp

        What joke exactly??? I didn’t chase after anything, I’m voicing my opinion as a FEMALE.