7 Things You Don’t Lose When You Lose Your Virginity

It’s prom season so you know what that means: telling boys to protect girls’ character by not having sex. Oh, wait, no. That’s just what this dumb poster says.

This poster was spotted at Lincoln High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin by senior Kelsey Schindl. Her brother uploaded it to Reddit, and it’s caused quite the controversy. Rightfully so, might I add, because this poster is complete BS. There are several things wrong with this including the bogus ideas that a girl’s character revolves around her sex life and that she needs a man to protect it. Oh, and the posters were also illegally sponsored by two religious groups, which isn’t allowed in public schools.

Schindl went to Principal Luke Valitchka, offering to make new posters that don’t focus on this gross idea and he said no because they would “tear at the fabric of society.” LOL. Okay.

This got me thinking about the whole “losing your virginity” thing. See, a lot of people have different definitions of what that means. And you don’t actually lose anything. Your virginity isn’t a set of keys.

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