7 Things You Don’t Lose When You Lose Your Virginity

It’s prom season so you know what that means: telling boys to protect girls’ character by not having sex. Oh, wait, no. That’s just what this dumb poster says.

This poster was spotted at Lincoln High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin by senior Kelsey Schindl. Her brother uploaded it to Reddit, and it’s caused quite the controversy. Rightfully so, might I add, because this poster is complete BS. There are several things wrong with this including the bogus ideas that a girl’s character revolves around her sex life and that she needs a man to protect it. Oh, and the posters were also illegally sponsored by two religious groups, which isn’t allowed in public schools.

Schindl went to Principal Luke Valitchka, offering to make new posters that don’t focus on this gross idea and he said no because they would “tear at the fabric of society.” LOL. Okay.

This got me thinking about the whole “losing your virginity” thing. See, a lot of people have different definitions of what that means. And you don’t actually lose anything. Your virginity isn’t a set of keys.

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  • Monica

    I think this discussion is bullshit, when you lose your virginity you are losing a big part of you. You’re encouraging girls to go and whore themselves around. Everyone, not just girls should wait until they meet their “one” it is a nice feeling knowing that you’re their only one partner they’ve had.

    • Peace

      Sorry Monica, but you are clearly biased here. While to some girls, their virginity is very important in their lives and that’s absolutely fine. However, to other girls who don’t value it as much, it really carries no importance to them and that is fine as well.

      No one should wait, if they don’t want to. No one has the same experience. All emotions or attitudes towards sex are subjective, meaning some people lose a big part of them and other people may gain a new experience or don’t lose anything at all.

      Caitlin is in no way encouraging girls to have sex. And girls who do have sex ARE NOT whoring themselves around and it’s very ignorant to think so. Caitlin is just saying the thing all girls need to hear about their bodies and sexual activity. She’s just saying that your status in virginity doesn’t determine who you are as an individual, as a person, as a human being. Whether you are a virgin or not, your life isn’t valued any differently than another. Our lives as women, our decisions, our character, morality, standards, purity, innocence, dignity, virtue, or self respect is not dictated by virginity.

      • @disqus_dxrC62hrvJ:disqus @disqus_UCoOb6tac7:disqus

        Peace isn’t directly telling girls to “whore themselves around” but Peace provides absolutely no moral guidance whatsoever: “No one should wait, if they don’t want to.” (“if they don’t want to” is meaningless). “All attitudes towards sex are subjective.” In other words sex is simply a physical act that means what you want it to mean. Since sex means whatever you want it to mean, it could also mean nothing at all.

        For someone looking for guidance, these statements are devoid of any meaning. Real guidance tells someone to act or not to act, to do a certain thing, or not to do it. But Peace preaches a values-free and nihilistic moral relativism — “anything goes, if you want it to.” Well, we may as well “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.”

        While I agree that in and of itself virginity does not define who one is as a person, sex is not simply a physical act, but undoubtedly encompasses psychological and spiritual dimensions. It was once explained to me when I was young that people are like sheets of paper and sex is like glue: if you glue two new sheets of paper together you may be able to separate them again, but it is impossible to return the papers to the new state they were in before they were glued together.

        In case you’re wondering I’m not a prude when it comes to this stuff. I’m fairly liberal regarding what people wish to do in their bedrooms, and providing they accept the consequences, government should stay out of the bedroom. But I draw a line when it comes to giving public guidance to young people, and I felt obliged to comment because Peace’s guidance seems suspect on several grounds.

    • Erin

      @disqus_dxrC62hrvJ:disqus it’s bullshit to say you lose a big part of your self when I lost my virginity I felt no different I was 16 and we splt when I was nearly 18 but I dont regret it I’m happy that I slept with him because at the time I loved him I might not now but my partner dosen’t care and neither do people need to stop thinking anyones pritvet life and moments are for them to know