8 Romantic Movies That Are Actually Effed Up

This might sound weird, but we love love. From music to books, love, romance, and general feels is a huge motivator, and movies obviously aren’t any different. Rom coms reel us in with love and a side of laughs, dramas give us romance and a heaping helping of tears. Cool, awesome, great…but so many romantic movies really aren’t that romantic. In fact, a lot of them are straight up side eye worthy or depressing.

Those qualities don’t make ’em bad movies, but it does put their romantic element up for debate. Here are eight romantic movies that, honestly, aren’t all that romantic. In fact, they’re pretty effed up.

Never Been Kissed

This movie is presh, but what wasn't so presh was that during Josie's time as an undercover reporter pretending to be a high school student, she and a teacher end up getting super flirty with each other. Um, dude, what if Josie was actually a teenager? Red alert, red alert! That sort of ruins the romance factor, right? Or at least taints it.

Pretty In Pink

This movie is so strange because it pretty much asks who Andie should end up with: The options: this dude friend who is obsessed with her, but is actually a total Nice Guy who thinks he’s entitled to her affection, and this rich dude she goes on one date with before he ends up ignoring her due to pressure from his awful, preppy best friend. Andie went with rich dude, but honestly? Both options sucked. This movie is awesome aesthetically--so many ridiculous '80s clothes--but in the romance department? It leaves a bad taste in the mouth of anyone with a brain.

50 First Dates

Here's the quick rundown of this movie. Lucy gets into a car accident and has a problem in which she loses her memory every morning when she wakes up. In her mind, it's still the day of the car crash. Despite all that, she ends up falling in love with this dude named Henry...and has to keep falling in love with him every single day. He ends up making tapes for her to watch so that she'll know what's up every morning. They end up having a kid together and everything! She forgets who her own kid is! I cannot be the only one who finds this whole arrangement really...not so lovely, right?

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Oh God, I could write an essay about everything that's wrong with this movie, but here's the quick and dirty: The relationship between Christian and Anastasia is manipulative, violent, and creepy. Plus, it is an awful portrayal of BDSM in relationships. Nobody should ever take sex tips from this movie!

Love Actually

This movie is a Christmas classic and so loved...but recently people have become more critical of just how romantic this rom com is. Probably the most egregious thing about it is the fact that we're supposed to think that it's cute that this dude is in love/obsessed with his best friend's fiance? And he actually makes a pass at her! Like...bro. Have some damn chill.

The Time Traveler's Wife

The main thing that's weird about this one is that the main dude keeps traveling back and forth in time and at one point meets his future (kind of) wife as a child? And he befriends her, too. He knows that this will make a huge impression on her which...eugh. I get that time travel is weird, but borderline seducing a child into loving you in the future is next level creepy.


Okay, I know this has been beaten to death by now, but it still holds true: Very little about this relationship was what most of us would consider romantic. Edward was controlling and violent, Bella was submissive and dense to a fault. Still hard to believe how much she was willing to give up for this dude. Oh, wait, yeah, her mortality ended up being one of them. Yikes.


Don't kill me for this because, honestly, I get a little choked up by the end of this one, too. But let's be real, the romance between these two was so minimal: Oh, class differences. Oh, look, we're holding each other at the front of the boat. And now we're having sex in a car. Wait, now we're...drowning? Most of this movie was watching people try to escape the icy Atlantic. Rooting for Jack and Rose was easy, but the romantic element felt hokey.

Which of these movies do you actually think were super romantic? Which do you agree were definitely not romantic at all? Tell us in the comments!

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