What Happens When You Order A Custom Dress Online?

In high school, my struggle was real when it came to shopping for a prom dress. I am a plus size chick, and prom dresses simply aren’t usually made for me. For both junior and senior prom, I ended up buying prom dresses that were a touch too small and getting them taken out. And while I definitely looked fabulous in the finished product, I wish the experience of shopping endless racks of too small dress options was a tad (or a lot!) better.

Well, I found the options I was craving when I recently dabbled in online occasion dress shopping at Fame & Partners. Of course, it’s about 5 years too late for my own prom. Yikes! But the good news is that these dresses aren’t just for prom. Be it prom or another special event or a day where you just want to feel ~divalicious~, becoming a #famebabe will help you look (and feel) stellar.


Now, I know online shopping for a special occasion dress can be scary. After all, that in-person shopping experience leaves you instantly gratified and super secure in you choice. But online shopping? It always feels like a gamble — especially as a short, fat chick with shoulders like a football player.

But that’s the good thing about Fame. They are in the custom dress game. And they are pretty darn good at what they do. I’d rate my experience a solid A-plus. And, like any good friend, I just need to give you all the details. So allow me to take you through the process I went through to find the perfect dress. Cause it was pretty cool.

First, I obviously logged on to Fame & Partners to browse their seemingly endless dress options. Literally four dresses into my search, I stumbled on this beauty:

And it was an instant love affair. Sure, I scrolled through the rest of the said endless pages of custom dresses for good measure. But this baby was on my mind all day. I. Needed. It.

But before committing to the dress, I talked to a Fame & Partners stylist, Ben, about my order. I mean, any good online fashionista calls in reinforcements when ordering a big ticket item. And Fame & Partners has a 24/7 chat option on their site which will give you legit pro tips even at 2 a.m. when you are online shopping between reblogging posts on Tumblr.

Anyway, Ben helped me figure out my perfect size, helped me customize the dress a bit, and made me feel super confident in my order! Fame & Partners ended up sending me the dress I loved (I should mention this was all on the house so I could write this review!) in two different colors. One was a magentaish-purple all over, and the other was pastel purple with white mesh overlay. I decided to make the top a tad longer to cover some skin, but keep everything else on the dress unchanged. It’s worth noting that custom options will run you a few bucks extra. But for the perfect dress? Yeah, I’ll shell out an extra $10 for exactly what I want. My order was placed and I was officially a #famebabe.


But the pampering didn’t stop there. My next step in the Fame process had me talking to Lucy, a designer and stylist for Fame & Partners. She was my personal style angel for my post-purchase styling session, which is offered to all #famebabes! Fame has a partnership with ASOS, so during their styling sessions, they recommend ASOS accessories to complete your look. Well, I happen to <3 ASOS, so I was all kinds of into this.

Lucy made the styling process a complete breeze. She really listened to my likes and got a feel for my personal style VERY quickly. Pretty soon, it was like having two of me flipping through the ASOS site! We settled on a funky metallic look that really complemented the sassiness (yes, it’s a word) of the dress. I ended up choosing a metallic snakeskin tote bag for $36, silver metallic sandals for $63, a silver choker for $22, and some cute little midi rings for $14.50.

Oh, and did a mention Lucy is a pro makeup artist? Well, she is. And she recommended a simple beauty look to go with the final product. She suggested a cat eye with casual hair and a relatively plain face. And she definitely didn’t need to sell me on that one. I was so game! Basically, I left the styling session feeling like I just left a phone call with my best friend. P.S. Lucy, BE MY BEST FRIEND!!!

I received all the products in less. than. a. week. Can you say speedy? And guys, this stuff rocked! My favorite dress was the pastel purple dress with white mesh overlay. Because I looked like a queen or something even better.

white and purple

And the dress went fab with the accessories (and makeup!) Lucy helped me pick out. My faves included my killer cat eye, my intense tote bag, and an adorable choker.

acessories 2

But that bag tho. Seriously. So. In. Love.


Anyway, on to dress #2. This version of the same style was a purpley-pink color. It was massively cute with a massively huge skirt.

purple dress

BAM! That skirt! I loved it. A lot.

But wait, I’m so not done. Once of the reasons I loved this style of dress so much is because of its versatility! Occasion dresses can be super fancy. Wear it once, and then it just takes up space in your closet until you finally donate it 5 years later. Not this dress though. I mean, I can wear it as separates any day of the week and not look like I’m steppin’ out to a major event. Which is a great change.

purple skirt

Ta-Da! See what I mean? I paired the all purple skirt with my favorite crop top (“I say bad words”…hehehe) and a jean jacket. Add some lace up wedges and a hat, and I felt pretty darn casual. Like I could frolic around my neighborhood without weird glances! Seriously, I would probably wear this grocery shopping.

Now to the top! I wore the top as a cropped piece in a super casual all denim errythang look.

crop top

In case you couldn’t tell, I had a lot of fun in this outfit! I love rocking crop tops, so this top is probably going to be a summer staple for me. Girls, I was totally feelin’ my look. Can I live?!

All in all, the Fame & Partners experience was pretty super. Sure, I’d probably make a few minor alterations to the dress for a big night like prom. But you can’t expect a dress purchased online to fit like a glove! In my case, I’m a shorty so I’d probably bring the skirt to a tailor for a minor hemming just so it would hit me a little higher on my calf. But, seriously, that’s it. Not too shabby for online!

Fame & Partners is really revolutionizing the online shopping game by giving girls like me a super attentive shopping experience that rivals some in person stores. If you need an occasion dress, give Fame & Partners a glance. Trust me, it’s not as scary as you think!

Want your own Fame & Partners experience? You can customize your own dress and get $20 off if you use code GURL20 when you check out! Or, even better, you can enter to win a rad dress for free in our giveaway! It ends May 8th at noon, so don’t wait! 

 This post has been brought to you by Gurl.com in partnership with Fame & Partners.

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  • Caitlin

    I bought two dresses from Fame and Partners – all up worth about $500. They arrived, looked very different to photographs on the website – the colouring was different, as was the material, and the fit. They were both very unflattering and not true to size at all (I know this, as I got myself professionally measured before ordering the dresses, as I was nervous about ordering online and the dresses not fitting!). The customer service I have received so far is terrible – it has taken them a long time to respond, and the customer service rep is more focussed on shifting the blame onto me, than providing any help for me to obtain a refund. So disappointing. I was prepared to use this website, as I quite often obtain black tie functions and need clothes like this – and the photos on the website were beautiful! I am so upset by this experience.

  • Sara Vieira

    love the article and the dresses! Seriously though that bag is AMAZING!

  • Zoe Ling

    Loved this article. Katie you are so gorgeous! My favourite outfit is those last photos with the crop top and denim shirt <3 <3 <3

    • katiedupere

      Thanks Zoe!!! 😀 I def. felt like a full on DIVA! <3

  • Ashley Reese

    YOU ARE A BABE <3 The white crop and skirt combo is my favorite. Oh, and I love how you paired the lilac skirt with a simple tee. It's really hard to dress down things like that but you made it work!