11 Tips On How To Style Maxi Dresses And Skirts For Plus Size Style Mavens

Maxi dresses (and skirts) are a summer staple. They are comfy, yet chic. Simple, yet sassy. Versatile, yet classic. Though, for plus size girls, they are also a little bit scary.

See, maxi dresses can look a lot like mumus if you aren’t careful. And I don’t know about you, but personally I’m not into mumu chic quite yet. I’ll save that for my nursing home days, complete with cushy house shoes and hair rollers.

Anyway, back to the styles of today. Maxi dresses aren’t just for girls who can fit into sizes 00-12. Believe it or not, plus girls can look amazing in maxi. The maxi trend just needs a bit of styling to look extra fab on your curves. Not sure where to start? We’ve got all the tips you’ll ever need to rock a maxi dress successfully. You know, sans the whole mumu look. So get your maxi on using the 11 style tips below!

Tip #1: Just. Throw. It. On.

Okay, this isn’t really a tip. But maxi dresses are fab for an easy outfit. You can literally just throw it on and look put together. You don’t even need to shave your legs! If this doesn’t sell you on maxi dresses, I don’t know what else will.


Tip #2: Add a belt to define your curves.

Especially when wearing a maxi dress made of looser fabric, drawing attention to the smallest part of your figure with a belt will help you feel like you’re not wearing a sack.


Tip #3: Define your waist with a cropped shirt.

If a maxi skirt is more your speed, pair it with a cropped shirt. Or just bust out a cute button up an tie it into a knot at your waist. Whatever works.


Tip #4: Wear a cute, cropped coat for coverage and definition.

Try to pick a coat that will end at the smallest part of your waist. It will help define your figure. Plus, it will aid in the death of that mumu demon.


Tip #5: Or a cropped blazer.


To dress it up.


Tip #6: Or a jean vest.

If you want to look badass.


Tip #7: Or a cropped leather jacket.

If you want to look even more badass. Hey, maxi dresses don’t have to be super feminine!


Tip #8: Don’t be afraid to go form fitting!

Plus girls, please listen up. You can wear form fitting clothes! And you’ll look so amazing, like this chick. Believe me. Never fear the form fitting maxi dress.


Tip #9: Show off your legs with a bit of sheer fabric. 

Afraid of looking too overwhelmed in a mega maxi dress? Try one that has floor length sheer fabric laid over a shorter silhouette. It will help ease that overwhelming feeling!


Tip #10: Or try a slit!


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It gives a bit of movement to your look. Not to mention it helps you move around a bit in more form fitting maxi styles!


Tip #11: Once you learn to love maxi, take style risks!

Break other plus size fashion rules while rocking your maxi look. Stripes? Do it. Bare arms? Go ahead, girl!

How do you style your favorite maxi dress? What other fashion staples seem a bit intimidating as a plus size fashionista? Let’s exchange style tips in the comments below!


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