Reader Hookup Confession: The Cops Caught Us Hooking Up

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession and then send your own to

I never imagined that I would ever get myself into a crazy situation involving sex, a car, and the police at the same time… but here we are.

One night, I had a late date with my boyfriend. There were chocolates and late night sweets to get us in the mood, love was in the air, before you knew it, we were in the car making the windows fog up. We were having sex but trying to stifle our moans and groans. We were parked at the dark dead end of a street in his car.

We were pretty confident that no one would see or hear us, so we just did our thing. All of the sudden, high beam lights shone into our car.  Our of nowhere, a police car had parked next to our car and was shining their high beam lights into the backseat while we frantically searched for our clothes, and hurriedly put them on. The cops must have been looking for another type of suspicious activity, though, because after a minute or so, they left us to our own business.

Even though nothing happened, I can’t forget how embarrassing and frightening it was to have cops there, shining their lights into the car while we were half naked. It was thrilling and definitely an adrenaline burner, but I guess I won’t be having sex in a car for a while.

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