Would You Rather: Grossest EVER Edition

Sometimes Would You Rather games can get pretty boring. Play through enough questions and you’re bound to find that no scenarios seem challenging anymore. It’s enough to leave you wondering where all the hard questions went.

Where are the gross scenarios that leave you waving the white flag of defeat? Where are the impossible choices that leave you gagging out of disgust?


Now, that’s the kind of questions I’m talkin’ about!

Good news, Would You Rather addicts! We’ve compiled some of the most disgusting questions we could dream up right here, all for your twisted pleasure. Boring WYR are banished this week! So, grab your friends and see if you can make it through this gross edition of Would You Rather. You know, if you dare.






What was the most difficult choice to make? Have any others to add to the list? Chat it out in the comments below!


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  • Ellie

    That was awful.

  • Emmy is Online

    I legit vomited in my brain.

  • Juleia Smith

    The worst was the toothpick and the toe and the fork and the thumbnail. My mom couldn’t decide

    • Serena

      Ugh yes