What Happens If A Guy Pees In Your Vagina?

Hi Heather,

If a boy pees in your vagina, can you get pregnant? What will happen? My boyfriend did it by accident, and I’ve missed a period and I’m really scared.

Let’s get this out of the way quickly: your boyfriend’s pee cannot get you pregnant. The only thing that can get you pregnant is sperm. So, if he ejaculated inside of you, then you could be pregnant. But if he just peed inside of you? Nope, pee alone can’t make you have a baby.

However, this doesn’t mean we can end the conversation right here. We have some things we ned to talk about. This is important: it would be really hard for your boyfriend to pee inside of you during sex, because it’s nearly impossible for an erect penis to urinate. When guys are aroused and hard, a muscle generally closes off their bladder so that they can’t pee. So, are you one hundred percent sure he peed inside of you and didn’t ejaculate?

If his penis wasn’t erect, it’s possible that he urinated, and even if it was, it’s not impossible for him to still pee. Still, make sure he didn’t ejaculate and is trying to cover it up. If he did ejaculate, then, yes, he could have gotten you pregnant. 

Now let’s talk about his actual pee for a minute, if that is what happened. Urine is generally sterile, and clean urine inside of you isn’t something you need to worry about. However, if your BF has any kind of STD or infection (like gonorrhea or a bladder infection), his pee could contain infection-causing organisms. It’s unlikely to contract an STD through urine, but if he has something going on, it is possible to get some sort of infection. If you think you have one, go to the doctor.

Lastly, we need to discuss the fact that you were obviously having unprotected sex. I mean, I’m assuming you were having unprotected sex, because if he had a condom on, it would be pretty hard for his pee to get inside of you. Having unprotected sex, pee or no pee, puts you at risk for getting pregnant, as well as contracting an STD or infection. If he ejaculated inside of you, before or after the possible pee incident, it’s possible that you could be pregnant. Even if you think he didn’t ejaculate, pre-ejaculation can still make babies.

In any case, I recommend looking into this situation since you’ve missed your period. Get a pregnancy test or go see your gynecologist. And please, please start using protection during sex.

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Can you get pregnant even if you’re a virgin?

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  • scrat65

    I read before about messing up a woman’s pH level by urinating inside her leaving her susceptible to infections but what about a woman who gets soaked when she orgasms? Wouldn’t that dilute the pH?

  • Andrés Lincango

    I’ve read from “experts” saying that we guy can’t urinate while our penis is erect. That’s not true, we actually can and it’s easy…

    • George

      I do it all the time when I have morning wood that doesn’t go away.

  • Truthmonger

    the only problem with peeing while hard is aiming at the toilet bowl.

  • Antonio Caro

    It is not nearly impossible for guys to urinate when the pens is erect, it’s actually quite easy. I would know, I’m a guy. The reason it’s hard for a guy to puree during sex is the fact that the brain isn’t thinking about the fact that you may have a full bladder.

  • Ellieboo

    Hey Heather,

    Recently me and my boyfriend have been trying to do… anal. Now when we try it he never can get it in -we use protection of course- Me and my boyfriend are wanting to experiment a little more instead of the same sex positions and things like that. Now it gets kind of frustrating for us both. He claims its because i am never in the right position but i thing its because my anal is a little too tight. I know its a silly question but is there any easier ways to try anal without it being too difficult?
    Or any other sex positions you recommend? Thank you x

    • George

      You need to use your fingers and plenty of lube to loosen up first and go slow.