10 Things Guys Say To Girls That They Don’t Actually Mean (According To Dudes)

We are all guilty of occasionally saying something just because we know the other person wants to hear it. We’ve told someone we love their dress when we actually hate it. We’ve “yes-ed” someone to death just because we don’t want to hear them talking anymore. We’ve agreed with something a significant other says even if we don’t really agree just because we don’t want to get in a pointless fight. It happens.

Keep that all in mind when you read this post, just in case it starts to make you angry. On an Ask Reddit thread, dudes recently discussed the things they say to girls that they don’t actually mean – they’re just saying it because they know (or think) a girl wants to hear it. The truth is, I think many of us would typically prefer honesty from our boyfriends over a standard response they don’t actually mean at all, but… okay. Here are 10 things guys say to girls that they don’t really mean (according to real dudes):

Which of these things have you said to someone that you didn’t mean? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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