Quiz: Are You Too Dependent On Your BF Or GF?

If you’re in a relationship, one of your favorite people is probably your Sig O. Duh, that’s why you’re dating them! You like to be around them. They make your stomach do somersaults, and make your gloomy days a little less gloomy. They are pretty stellar, and that’s why you’re their GF.


But sometimes you can get tunnel vision in relationships. Like you only have eyes for your boo. Bye-bye, friends. Bye-bye, family. Hello, dependency.

Loving your bae is all kinds of awesome. Being dependent on them? Not so much. Not sure if you are crossing the line between love and leaning? Take the quiz to find out once and for all!

What were your results? How do you work to maintain independence, even in a relationship? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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