18 Of The Creepiest Social Norms That Should Not Be Acceptable

When it comes to social norms, we’ve come a very long way as a society. Think about a recent episode of Game Of Thrones (which, yes, is fantasy, but still has factual elements to it), and then think about how we live today. We’ve gotten rid of many outdated beliefs and customs, and we’ve improved upon so, so many things.

However – and this is important – we certainly aren’t perfect just yet. There are so many things that are still considered acceptable in this society that I know we’ll look back on one day and feel totally embarrassed. Then there are the things that are acceptable that are just really creepy. This Ask Reddit thread allows users to point out only some of those things. Here are 18 of the creepiest social norms that should probably not be as acceptable as they are:

Which of these social norms do you think is the creepiest? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Raven Misfortune

    Porn should be listed. People talk about it and make jokes about it while in reality, women and men both typically get treated like garbage and sexually abused on and off screen unless they’re “famous” stars. Spitting and slapping women and calling them nasty names because they “asked” for it. When in reality, you don’t know how that porn star got where she is. Some like it, and some are being forced into it and even have their lives threatened and get drugged in order to be there.

    People should think about the statistics and how porn causes a lot of relationships issues before talking it up so much.

  • Saeryen

    I think the trying to conceive is acceptable if you’re talking with people you know well.
    As for Pledge of Allegiance, I never liked that idea. I never liked that you couldn’t add words (like asking for justice for oppressed people). Also, I don’t like to think that the highest priority of my life should be worship of the country.