11 Gross Things That Every Girl Does But Never Admits To

Look, I don’t know where people get the idea that girls are universally clean and dainty. People always talk about how gross it is to live with dudes and, yeah, I believe that. But girls are gross too, y’all. I’m a girl so I know.  The problem is that girls buy into this BS too and always think that they’re the odd girl out for occasionally partaking in some gross behavior.

Yo, don’t sweat it. All your friends are just as nasty as you are.

Here are 10 gross things that every girl does but never admits to. It’s time to own up, okay?


1. Giving unwashed clothes the sniff test before deciding whether or not to wear them. 

ew gross

And desperate times call for desperate measures, so wearing a shirt or pants that reek might just happen.


2. Leaving hair all over the shower and bathroom in general. 


It’s like Chewbacca died up in there.


3. Wearing blood stained underwear.

Hey, why throw away a cute pair of undies just because of mother nature?


4. Popping pimples like champs.

meg family guy pimple zit

Yeah, pus everywhere. Blech!


5. Going days without taking a shower.

heathers winona emotional

Honestly, dudes might take more showers than girls do.


6. Leaving a tampon in or wearing a pad for way longer than you should.

Livin’ on the edge.


7. Wearing the same jeans, leggings or tights over and over again without washing them until they get super funky.


Surprise surprise, our crotches don’t smell like roses!


8. Burping really loudly after eating.


It’s hard to cold back sometimes, you know?


9. Rewearing a bra that we know got super sweaty the day before.

It’s the best bra you’ve got. Makes sense.


10. Stinking up the bathroom.

atlanta side eye

Anyone who has lived with women knows this to be true. During that time of the month especially. Phwef!


11. Farting.


Sometimes girls even smell their own farts under the covers. SHOCK. AWE. SCANDAL.




Own up, which of these things do you do? All of the above? What other gross tendencies should be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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  • MJPanda

    I admit to all of them, especially wearing unwashed pants/leggings over and over.

    • Ashley Reese

      We alllll do it!