12 Disney Princess Hair & Makeup Tutorials That You Should Try For Prom

Prom is probably one of the first occasions where you’ll get to dress up super fancy and spend all day getting ready. It’s an event where you’ll really want to look like a princess. You’ll get to finally realize that childhood dream of being one, even for just a night. Don’t worry though, you won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight or anything!

What better place to get prom hair and makeup inspiration than from our favorite Disney Princesses? Check out these awesome tutorials that you should totally use for your prom:

1. Be a total queen (maybe prom queen!) by doing Elsa’s perfectly loose braid:

This would look so pretty with a flowy gown!

2. Or try out Elsa’s coronation ‘do, which is just as gorgeous:

Pair this with a strapless dress to really show it off.

3. Channel your inner Belle by doing her classic half-up bun:


4. Or be like a more ~*chill*~ Belle by doing her ponytail:

This is also great for everyday-wear.

5. Go for a boho vibe by rocking some flowers in your hair a la Aurora in Maleficent:

So cute!

7. Rock a cool Jasmine-inspired ponytail if you want a more fun look:

Easy and pretty, what more do you want?

8. Get like Rapunzel and do an intricate (yet easy) triple braid:

Add flowers if you really want to look like you stepped out of Tangled!

9. Copy one of these looks inspired by your favorite Princesses:

10. Use this amazing Jasmine makeup tutorial that’s from Halloween, but is too pretty not to do for prom:

Carli Bybel is queen.

11. Go a little bold with this pretty Ariel tutorial:

Who said you can’t use bright colors at prom?

12. And you can always glam things up by going for a dark look inspired by Maleficent herself:

Have some fun!
Are you going to try any of these looks? Tell us in the comments below!
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