10 Stereotypes About Girly Girls You Never Knew Were Wrong

Everyone is a victim of some kind of stereotype, which is pretty crappy because stereotypes usually suck. Women in general face so many stereotypes, especially women who are very feminine. Girly girls aren’t taken as seriously as they should be because of these negative stereotypes, and that is really unfair.

If you thought these things about girly girls were true, you’re sorely mistaken:

1. That they’re stupid

Ultra-feminine girls are typically (and wrongfully) seen as stupid or ditzy. Just because someone is feminine does not mean they’re not intelligent. There are a lot of masculine guys that are dumb as rocks. And there are a lot of non-feminine women who aren’t very bright.

2. That they have no hobbies except for shopping

Feminine girls have plenty of other hobbies besides shopping. A lot of girls don’t even like to shop because it’s a huge pain! I actually don’t know that many women who love shopping so this stereotype can die.

3. That they only wear pink

I’m pretty feminine, but I hate wearing pink. It’s not my color. There are plenty of feminine girls out there who don’t like the color pink. Unfortunately, pink just happens to be the standard “girl” color that society has thrust upon us.

4. That they wear heels 24/7



Even the most feminine women will tell you that heels are absolutely not comfortable. They’re actually pretty terrible, and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

5. That they’re not into or don’t understand sports

I’m pretty feminine, but I LOVE sports. I know more about football than most of my guy friends. There are a lot of women in my life who don’t like sports who aren’t feminine as well. You don’t have to be any sort of way to like or dislike sports.

6. That they can’t survive without makeup

First of all, wearing makeup does not necessarily define you as “feminine.” A lot of dudes wear makeup too. Tomboys can wear makeup. While some women surely feel more comfortable with makeup on, not all feminine women have to wear it all the time.

7. That they don’t do “real” workouts

There’s another stereotype that feminine women only do “trendy” workouts like yoga, pilates, or spin classes. I’m very into my yoga practice, but I can for sure tell you I hate pilates and spin. Just because a person is feminine does not mean they’ll automatically like a certain type of workout.

8. That they’re afraid of getting dirty

Being a “girly girl” does not mean you’re not willing to get down and dirty. You can get your nails done, do your hair, like cute animals, and still want to play in the mud.

9. That all they eat is salad

I enjoy a good salad, but I also enjoy a gigantic burger and fries with a side of chili. You cannot look at someone’s appearance and determine what their appetite is like. That is actually super dumb.

10. That they can’t do anything for themselves

Unfortunately, this is a big stereotype for women in general, but especially for feminine ones. Girly girls are for some reason seen as unable to take care of themselves or handle their own problems, which is absurd. A woman’s femininity does not excuse her ability to take care of herself.

Are you a feminine girl? What stereotypes have you experienced? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Peace Kawaii

    More stereotypes:
    1. Dresses/skirts: Some girly girls absolutely HATE dresses/skirts and are NEVER caught dead in them.
    2. Sexist/no guy friends: Not all girly girls hate guys and many don’t mind guy friends.
    3. Boy-crazy: “Lipstick lesbians” exist.
    4. Weak/anti-feminist: A girl is weak not because she is girly, anyone can be weak.

  • Super Janice

    Why do you think that you are feminine? Can you describe some feminine traits?

  • yoli af

    I loved this! Im blonde and very girly and sometimes people tend to think that im less intelligent. I have to say that i kind of do all of these things, like i love makeup and going shopping, i mostly eat salad, i dont enjoy watching sports,etc but that doesnt make me less than other women! Loved it, i needed to read this ♥

    • Captain Mildly Adequate

      you could read it?