20 Important Examples Of #EverydaySexism That Will Surprise You

Even though it’s 2015 and so much has changed in the world, sexism is still alive and well. Many people would like to believe that men and women are equal and that feminism is no longer needed, but those people are incorrect. Sexism still occurs every single day, and if we don’t acknowledge it, we can never work towards fixing it.

It can be uncomfortable to be the one who points out examples of sexism in every day life. It can be so uncomfortable that sometimes we choose not to think about it at all, and so we ignore it because you know what they say – ignorance is bliss. That’s why days like today, when #EverydaySexism has been a top trending topic on Twitter for the entire day, are so important. It brings awareness to sexism happening right now, sometimes happening to women every day. Don’t believe me? Here are 20 tweets with important examples of #everydaysexism that will surprise you: 


Yep. Why is it insulting for a guy to think of himself as girly?


Because women can’t pay for meals, right?


What you’re basically saying when you say “man up” is that men are stronger than women. Nope.


If boobs aren’t for sex, then what’s the point of boobs, right?


Sexism isn’t always sexism towards women, and it’s important to remember that too.


This is about men, but it’s important for women to remember this. Men are allowed to have feelings just as much as we are.




Assuming that a woman’s goal in life is to be in a relationship and have children is sexist. Because we’re about more than just that.


Because a lot of dudes only respect the no if another dude is involved.


Yup. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man being called bossy, but every time a woman is in control someone calls her that.


As if being a girl means you won’t be good at something? Kay.


This is STILL happening. It’s 2015, and this is STILL happening.


Sad, but true. It happens all the time.




Exactly. This is why so many people don’t call it out – because too many people act like it’s no big deal.


Ugh yes. This is so true and so annoying.


As if it’s the girls fault that a boy gets distracted.


This happens all the time. When my boyfriend does something nice, sometimes people congratulate me. Excuse me?


Yep. I hate when people say stuff like that.



Which of these examples of #everydaysexism was most surprising to you? What do you disagree with? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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  • nia

    I’ve heard of cases (my oldest brother is in the police force) of young men getting raped too. So if we are talking about “sexism” shouldn’t we be replacing “men” with people in general.

  • Moni

    Definitely real things happening. Also women saying that catcalls aren’t harassment they’re compliments and we should be offended if we don’t get any.