12 Celebrities You Never Realized Appeared On Dawson’s Creek

Just like any other ’90s and early 2000’s TV show, Dawson’s Creek featured some guest stars who weren’t famous at the time who you probably totally forgot about. Part of the fun of re-watching old shows like that is picking out those guest stars.

While it may not offer as many surprise appearances as 7th Heaven or The O.C., Dawson’s Creek still had it’s fair share of fun little guest stars. You’ll recognize them from other popular TV shows from the early 2000’s or shows happening right now. Here are 12 celebrities you forgot appeared on Dawson’s Creek


1. Seth Rogen as Bob


Seth Rogen played an annoying stoner (surprise, surprise) who accompanied Joey, Audrey and Eddie to Los Angeles.


2. Chad Michael Murray as Charlie Todd


Before One Tree Hill existed, Chad Michael Murray had a recurring roll as Charlie, who dated both Joey and Jen, and also cheated on both of them. Sounds like a winner!


3. Jane Lynch as Joey’s mom


Since she apparently spent the ’90s doing small appearances on popular teen shows, Jane Lynch played Joey’s super religious mom for an episode.


4. Bianca Lawson as Nikki Green


Bianca, who has been playing a teenager on TV shows for almost 20 years, played a student who enters the same film festival as Dawson one episode.


5. Julie Bowen as Aunt Gwen 


Julie appeared on an episode as Dawson’s aunt, who spends a weekend with Dawson, Pacey and Andie at her house in Vermont.


6. Busy Philips as Audrey


In case you forgot, Busy played Audrey for a long time after her stint on Freaks and Geeks.


7. Jonathan Lipnicki as Buzz Thompson


Little cutie Jonathan played a sarcastic kid who Pacey mentors.


8. Jensen Ackles as C.J.


The Supernatural star played Jen’s college boyfriend for a few episodes who slept with Audrey and got in a fight with Pacey. Bam.


9. Scott Foley as Cliff


Scott had a recurring role as Jen’s boyfriend.


10. Rachel Leigh Cook as Devon


The early 2000’s queen played Devon for a few episodes, a girl who poses naked for Joey’s art class.


11. Ali Larter as Kristy Livingstone


Ali plays a girl who dated Pacey for a little while.


12. Hilarie Burton


Look at these two One Tree Hill co-stars together on Dawson’s Creek! Hilarie plays a female V-jay, but I can’t find much more info.

Which of these guest stars surprised you the most? Who did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Paul Thibault

    Ali Larter’s character Kristy Livingston NEVER dated Pacey. Jayne Lynch was Pacey’s mom, not Joey. Audrey was a main character on the show for two out of the six seasons. She shouldn’t be on this list, period. Jensen Ackles was also basically a main character for the last season. He was in far more than just a few episodes. He was in at least 10-15 episodes. Chad Michael Murray’s character cheated on Jen. He never cheated on Joey. Did you ever see the show?

  • Jayne Carrie

    I am big fan of Dawson’s creek from england i know actually JANE LYNCH did not play Joey’s mother as she died of cancer when joey was young girl. She did play Pacey’s mother

  • Willow

    Yes, Jane Lynch was Pacey’s mom. We never met Joey’s mom because she was dead. Also Hilarie Burton was on there as herself. You can hear Joey tell her ‘Bye Hilarie’ when she walks away. Hilarie was a real VJ on MTV. Not sure why Busy is on this list. She was a main character for the last two seasons. Andy Griffith was on there. Big name celebrity who lived in North Carolina at the time.

    • Paul Thibault

      We actually do meet Joey’s mom briefly. We see her in a home video that Pacey and Dawson are watching in Dawson’s room in the opening scene of an episode from season 3, I believe.

  • Jane Lynch was Pacey’s mom, not Joey’s.