26 Weird Things You Do That Only Your Best Friend Would Understand

I grew up with an older brother and although I love him to pieces, I was pretty jealous of my friends who had sisters because it was like having a built-in best friend. That’s why I really cherish my close female friendships so much. They’re the sisters I never had. While I have a lot of close friends now, I only have a few that I truly consider to be my absolute best friends. And, boy, are we weird.

Best friends are BFFs for a reason. You’re supposed to be weird with your bestie! And you and your best friend probably do some really strange things together. I know you do because I do them with my BFF too. Check out these things you definitely do ONLY with your bestie:

1. Text strictly in emojis.

And know exactly what the other is trying to say.

2. Talk in your own language.

Or special voices.

3. Tackle each other on sight.

Regular hugs don’t work.

4. Snuggle.

Best friend snuggles >>>>

5. Fart in front of each other.

Without caring.

6. Play dress up, no matter how old you get.

Especially when you buy new clothes.

7. Make weird faces at each other.

Even in public.

8. Choreography dances.

And pretend you’re in a music video.

9. Sing to each other.

Especially when you’re in the car.

10. Talk about your periods.

And all the grossness that goes along with having them.

11. And talk about poop.

Best friends have no boundaries.

12. Discuss your zits.

Maybe even help each other pop a few.

13. Texting each other symptoms of conditions you think you have.


14. Send screenshots of texts to each other and ask what to say.

Especially when you’re texting your crush.

15. Send each other embarrassing Snapchats and selfies.


16. And blackmailing each other with screenshotted embarrassing photos.


17. Take tons of selfies together.

90% of your pictures are you and your BFF.

18. Give each other weird nicknames.

They may or may not be inappropriate.

19. Create secret handshakes.

That are like 5-minutes long.

20. Laugh about the most ridiculous things.

At the most inopportune times.

21. Call each other mean names in an endearing way.


22. Text constantly.

Even if you’re in the same room.

23. Call each other right after you leave each other.

Separation anxiety.

24. Go to the bathroom in front of each other or when you’re on the phone.


25. Boobs ain’t no thang with you two.

You’ve seen ’em. You’ve probably touched ’em.

26. And if you weren’t best friends, it’d be creepy how obsessed you are with each other.

Do you and your best friend do these things? What else do you do? Tell us in the comments below!
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