7 Things You Pay More For Because You’re A Girl

Do you ever get fed up with the price of some of the products you buy? Yeah, me too. When you buy a product as a woman, it’s usually pink or purple, cute, and scented like a flower patch or fruit bowl. It’s also usually more expensive than a similar product for a guy. I’ve known this for a while, but I really noticed it when I went to the drugstore with my boyfriend.

We both bought body washes from the same brand. The difference? His bottle was larger and about two dollars cheaper. Um… what?! Yeah, that’s because there are hidden taxes on most women’s products that make our stuff more expensive. It’s commonly called “the pink tax.” Don’t believe me? Take a look at this:

A California study in 1995 revealed that women on average pay $1,351 more than men for similar products, which led California to become the only state to ban gender tax. If only every other state would follow suit! It’s ridiculous. Here are 7 things you pay more for because you have a vagina:

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  • Dumbo69

    and half the time the expensive women’s products are still bought with a mans money, I think on the whole women tend to get more “freebies”, unless they are fat n ugly.

  • devidjhonson


  • reign

    um sorry but vagina doesnt equal woman

  • Forever Demi

    Uh the haircut is completely understandable