Can You Get Pregnant When You Switch Birth Control Pills?

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My boyfriend just told me that his ex-girlfriend got pregnant because she changed birth control pills and her body didn’t adjust to the new pills. Is that possible? I just changed my birth control pills and I’m pretty freaked out about this. Can you get pregnant when you switch?

Don’t freak out! It’s true that you can get pregnant after you switch birth control pills, but there is some background you need to know.

When you switch birth control pills, or any form of birth control, your body does need time to adjust to the new hormones. Think about switching to a new birth control just like you would starting a the birth control pill for the first time. When you first start taking the Pill, most gynecologists will recommend using an alternate form of protection for a month while your body adjusts to what’s happening, because the Pill will not totally protect you from pregnancy right away.

This is a good rule to follow when you switch pills as well. During that time, you may experience some side effects, like spotting, acne, mood changes, acne, etc. You may be more susceptible to getting pregnant in the first month… if you’re not using another form of birth control, like a condom. You should always be using a condom with the Pill, because the the Pill doesn’t protect against STDs, but you should especially be using it when you start a new one.

So here’s the answer: switching birth control pills doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to get pregnant, but it definitely can happen. If you just switched very recently, make sure you use condoms or something else for at least the first month. I mean, ideally, always use a condom. If you’re using two forms of birth control, you’re protecting yourself against diseases and pregnancy.

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