9 Effed Up Prom Moments That Actually Happened IRL

Whether you think prom is a fun excuse to get dressed up or you think it’s a big waste of time, I think we can all agree that nobody should be exposed to hate on prom night. And no, I’m not talking about somebody hating on their rival’s prom dress (though that might happen).

If you thought that promposals were as crazy as prom season gets, check out these nine effed up prom moments. These moments didn’t happen in a movie or on TV either, we’re talking WTF worthy moments that happened IRL that will make your blood boil.

Gay Teen Girl Not Allowed To Wear Tux To Prom

Here's the latest in this year's prom eff ups: Claudetteia Love, an openly gay high school senior, isn't allowed to show up to prom wearing a tux. For an extra layer of awful, the Principal told Love that if she refuses to wear a dress, the faculty will "refuse to work the prom." So basically, "You better wear a damn dress to prom like all the other girls or else there won't be a prom and it'll be all your fault." What a bunch of a-holes.

Luckily, Love is a fighter and wants to do right by future prom goers in her situation. She told The News-Star, "There are other girls in lower grades than me, and I want for them when they come up to not to have to feel like they aren’t accepted...I don’t want them to feel like they are less of a person because people don’t accept them."

Luckily, the school finally decided to let Love wear her tux, likely thanks to media attention and outside pressure. Yes!


Girl Banned From Prom For Wearing A Dress That Caused 'Impure Thoughts'

Last year, a high school student by the name of Clare got kicked out of her boyfriend's prom for a seriously WTF worthy reason: Her dress was enabling impure thoughts. What makes this even more messed up is that the folks who were complaining were adult male chaperones. Wow, maybe if these dudes got their mind out of the gutter and stopped eyeing a teenage girl like meat, none of this would have happened. Her dress wasn't even against the dress code! Clare ranted about the sexist disaster in a blog post on her sister's website and you should totally check it out!

Wine & Marble

Teen Girl Thought Wearing A Confederate Flag Dress Was A Good Ida

Back in 2012, Texanna Edwards thought it would be an awesome idea to roll up to prom wearing a confederate flag prom dress. Edwards was pissed off, especially since she spent $150 on the dress and wanted to show off her southern pride, but the school was worried that it would cause tension or start a fight. The principal gave her a chance to change but that wouldn't do, apparently. Pro tip: Regardless of your southern pride, you might not want to wear a dress made of a flag that has been used to justify the right to enslave black people.


Teen Girl Punished For Having Big Boobs

Back in 2013, Brittany Minder was asked to leave prom because her dress revealed too much cleavage. The dress code allowed strapless dresses like Minder's, only if they didn't show cleavage, lower back or midriff. Well, as anyone with big boobs can tell you, it's pretty damn impossible to wear a strapless dress without showing a little cleavage. That's just the way our bodies work! After being forced to wear a shawl for the rest of the night, Minder bounced early because she felt too self-conscious. Yes, she could have decided not to wear a strapless dress, but can we stop getting so worked up over cleavage? She just wanted to wear a dope dress and she shouldn't have been punished or body shamed for daring to have boobs.


School In Georgia Decides To Enter The 21st Century With An Integrated Prom

In 2013, four female students--two white, two black--in Wilcox, Georgia decided to band together to create the school's first integrated prom. You're probably wondering, "OMG HOW THE HELL DID THEIR SCHOOL STILL ALLOW SEGREGATED PROMS?" Well, here's the thing: Segregated proms obviously wouldn't be allowed if the school hosted the event, which is why the school's prom has always been funded by students' parents who were upholding the segregationist history. While there were few white people at the integrated prom, it was an awesome step into the 21st century.


Transgender Boy Runs For Prom King, School Misgenders Him

In 2013, a transgender boy named Issac was pumped about prom. After coming out as transgender a couple years prior and using his male name ever since, Issac decided to run for prom king. Cool, right? Well, it was, until his high school's principal stepped in. Instead of having his name on the prom king ballot on voting day, his old female name was listed under prom queen candidates. Why? Because the principal felt "uncomfortable" with the idea of Issac being listed as a boy. Issac was, understandably, mortified. When his girlfriend complained about the ordeal on Facebook, the principal threatened to ban her from prom if she didn't delete her rant.

The ACLU got involved and got the school to back down from their threat, but it was too late for the ballots to recognize Issac as a prom king candidate. Though he still had a great time at prom, he faced another uphill battle afterwards: Getting the school to use his male name when he crosses the stage on graduation day to pick up his diploma. They wouldn't do it. It's disgusting how people have no care for the damage they inflict when they misgender trans individuals. Gross.


Not Allowed To Go To Prom Without A Date

Yeah, you read that right. In 2012, Amanda Dougherty's school thought it was best to make prom night as special for all its attendees as possible...so they decided that only people with dates could attend. Cue a dateless Dougherty--and everyone with a brain--going into WTF mode. Luckily the school reversed its decision but WTF kind of nonsense is that?

School Cancels Prom After Female Student Asks To Invite Her Girlfriend

This whole story is such a mess. In 2010, Constance McMillen was told that she wasn't allowed to have her girlfriend as her prom date. The ACLU jumped in and filed a lawsuit against McMillen's school. So what did her school do? Oh, you know, instead of letting McMillen bring her girlfriend, they decided to cancel prom entirely! As an alternative, the school encouraged students' parents to host a private prom and McMillen wasn't invited. The lawsuit eventually settled out of court and the school had to adopt some new anti-discrimination policies. More good news came out of this too: McMillen had her own prom with a few other people and had an awesome time.

Doug Meszler/WENN.com

Helicopter Moms Slut Shame And Allegedly Lysol Teens At Prom Who Are Dancing Too Close

This story is almost too ridiculous to believe. In 2012, two 42-year-old moms by the name of Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey were chaperoning a high school prom and totally power tripped. Dressed in military fatigues and combat boots, they got to work and proceeded to kick several students out of the prom for dancing too provocatively. Not only that, but several students alleged that the moms sprayed the dancing students with Lysol and called the girls "whores" and "sluts." Moms of the year, y'all.


Which one of these stories is the most WTF worthy for you? Has there been a totally out of control prom incident at your school? Tell us in the comments!

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