Quiz: Which 2000s Hairstyle Describes Your Personality?

Do you have fond memories of 2000s hairstyles? Well, I sure don’t! Way back in 2003, I promised myself the second my mother decided to actually let me dye my hair, I would get chunky highlights like Kelly Clarkson. Thankfully, I never did go through with that ~master plan~.


Lookin’ good, Kelly! Nice highlights!

But I definitely rocked crimped hair and poufs and made a sad, sad attempt at scene hair in my high school days. Those were dark, dark times for my hair.

We all have similar stories of 2000s hair traumas we’d rather forget. But did you know that horrendous hair trends from the 2000s can actually tell you a whole lot about your personality? Well, neither did I…until I created this quiz! So take it and see what hairstyle describes your personality. But, please, don’t actually try the hairstyle. Some things are better left dead.

Which hairstyle describes your personality? What hair sins did you commit back in the day? Tell me all about it in the comments below!


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