10 Mascara Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

Applying mascara seems simple enough: buy a tube of your choice, swipe it on your eyelashes, make them thicker and longer, and voila! You can walk around with gorgeous lashes for the rest of the day. I hate to break it to you, but it’s not always this simple. In fact, a lot of you are probably doing the wrong thing with your mascara without even realizing it.

There are some mascara tips and myths floating out there that aren’t true (we’ll tackle those in a minute), and then there are just general things people think about mascara that are actually totally wrong. If you want to become a beauty pro, then read on – here are 10 common mascara mistakes you never knew you were making (and how to fix them):

Which of these mascara mistakes have you made? What did I forget about? What do you disagree on? Tell me in the comments.

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