5 Of Your Biggest Prom Date Problems, Solved

Hey, guess what? Prom’s coming up! You know, just a reminder in case you’ve been living under a rock or under a cupboard under some stairs or something.

With prom comes a lot of prom stress. You have to perfect your prom look. You have to practice your dance moves. You have to decide which side is your good side for all the prom pics. It’s all so stressful! But one stress that tops all of those things combined? DATE STRESS!


Yes, prom dates are a big deal. Not inherently, though. I mean chillin’ with a date at prom is actually pretty low key. But the pressure people put on you to get the perfect (or ANY) prom date is so major.

Let’s all take a collective deep breath and calm it down. Seriously, do it. Still freaking out about your own personal date drama? Keep working on your deep breathing skills while reading all about how to solve your prom date disasters. And listen to me. It’s all going to be okay!


 Can I Go To Prom With My Friend’s Ex?

“My friend’s ex is going to ask me to prom as a friend. We were pretty close before they dated, but I don’t know if I should accept his invitation! What do I do!?”Molly

Going to prom with a friend’s ex (or, like, doing anything with a friend’s ex!) is a super delicate situation. I know you two were close before the whole relationship and break up. But put yourself in your friend’s shoes! Especially if this is a recent break up, she still might be hurting. And I bet you don’t want to hurt her even more.

The best thing you can do is talk it out. Sit her down alone and lay it all out. Then really listen to her. Is she saying okay, but you can tell she’s a little reluctant? Dig a little deeper! Is she saying okay and genuinely means it? Then go for it! Throughout this whole situation, it’s also important to be open with the guy! Tell him your hesitations. Let him know you want to do right by your friend. I know having a prom date seems super important, but being a good friend counts even more in the long run. Trust me. Being a respectful friend will feel more fulfilling than having a prom date for one night only! I’m wishing you the best!



How Do I Find Out If My Crush Has A Date?

“I like this really cute guy in my homeroom whose super friendly and so sweet! I really want to ask him to prom. But I don’t know if he is planning on asking someone or if he has a date or if he would even want to go with me! Any advice on how to approach the situation?”Anonymous

There’s one fool-proof way to find out your crush’s prom plans. Get out a pen and paper to make sure you get all of this down. Ready?

ASK! Seriously, that’s it! I know this sounds super intimidating. Girls are always taught to be passive in the whole prom-asking scenario. We are suppose to wait for huge promposals and for guys to sweep us off our feet. Sure, sometimes that’s fun. But if you have a dude you really want to go with, there’s no shame in asking! Saying, “Hey, what are your plans for prom?” is really informal and will give you your answer! Maybe he’ll say, “Eh, I’m not into it.” Or “I’m actually going with Jenny.” Or, “I’m waiting for a girl to show me she’s interested.” (In that case, no harm in showing interest!)

All in all, the way to find out all the answers to your burning questions is to be open with the guy. You’ve got nothing to lose! And if he says, “Nah, not interested,” don’t be too upset! Sure, it sucks. But it’s prom! If you don’t have a date, you’ll still have an awesome time with friends. And you’ll still look hella fine in your glam garb. So go out there and try to get the guy! Sending positive ~vibez~.



How Do I Even Find A Date?

“How do I even go about finding a prom date!? Should I send search parties out looking for someone?! All of my friends are asking around for me. There’s no one. I feel hopeless! Please just give me some advice.”Anonymous

Slow down there! I know prom dates are a big deal, don’t get me wrong. But obsessing over one is totally not the way to go! There’s no reason to feel hopeless or desperate. The best thing you can do is think about people you actually like as a friend…or more! Is Brad a fantastic dancer and friend who wants a date, too? Ask him to go as friends! Are you crushing on Hannah and know she’s dateless? Ask her! Trust me, you’ve got nothing to lose and a date to gain!

But if you don’t find a date, it’s totally NBD. I promise. Not having a date doesn’t take away from how amazing you are. It doesn’t change how fab you’re going to look on the big night. And it won’t affect how much fun you are going to have. Trust me, date or no date, prom is about celebrating life with friends! Don’t let possibly being dateless get you down. Look at the bright side. You won’t have date drama to deal with, and you can focus on having  a good night for YOU and you alone! Have a great prom, princess!



 My Date Bailed. Should I Just Skip Prom?

“My friend and I were going to go to our junior prom together, but she decided to ask a guy friend to go with her. And he said yes. So now I have no one to go to prom with. I don’t have a dress or anything yet and all my friends have dates. I feel like I won’t have any fun because I’ll be alone all night while my friends are with their dates. Should I still go?”Anonymous

I’m sorry you’re friend bailed on your plans. That sucks! But definitely don’t let her decision ruin your night. Trust me, going to prom dateless is definitely not the worst thing in the world! Just because your friends have dates doesn’t mean they will be ignoring you all night. And, if they do, they probably aren’t being very good friends!

If you’re really concerned about ridin’ solo all night, talk to your friends! Tell them your fears. If they know how you feel, they’ll definitely look out for you that night. And they will be fabulous dates! Point is, if you want to go to prom, don’t let anyone stop you.  You deserve to have a fab night. And you can make it happen for yourself…even without a date! Good luck!



How Do I Get Him To Ask Me Without Scaring Him?

“I like this guy at school. I think he may like me, but I’m no too sure. I want him to ask me to prom. I’m only flirting a little so I won’t scare him off by being too strong. Any idea how I can get him to ask me to prom without being too overwhelming? Please help!!!!”Anonymous

There is this huge myth going around that I want (well, need) to dispel. Any time a girl goes after what she wants, she’s always told she’s being too strong. Whether it’s a crush or a career or something else, girls are afraid to be “too overwhelming.” Well, that’s total B.S. If you want to ask a boy to prom or if you want to show interest in a crush, do it!

That being said, there’s no specific body language or flirting technique for when you want a dude to ask you to prom. Obviously. So, you’ve got two options. One, wait it out and hope your signals are receive. Or two, tell the guy you’d love to be his prom date! P.S. I personally vote option two because it will get you a quick answer to your question. So be brave, be assertive, and be a fierce lady. And never be ashamed to go after who or what you want. As long as you are respectful about it, there’s nothing wrong with being strong! Good luck, girly!


Got any other prom dilemmas that are gettin’ you down? Tell me all about them in the comments below! We’ll get you some answers, stat!


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  • Rachel Collins

    this guy asked me to prom a couple of days ago. we were really close friends like 2 weeks leading up to it. we were constantaly talking, and then he comes over to my friends house and asks me to prom. I say yes obviously and life is great. but then I get to school and he’s ignoring me. won’t answer any texts, and leaves me on open a lot on snapchat. it’s supper frustrating and I have no idea why he’s doing this because he’s the one that asked me. I haven’t changed since he asked and I’m just really concerned because I’m not sure if he even wants to go with me anymore. and he literally asked me two days ago. also I am always the one starting the conversations or trying to talk to him. so do I keep trying to talk to him or just leave him alone?

  • Lily

    I asked my best guy friend to prom and he said yes. I soon got my dress and shoes that match the dress. A couple week a after he said yes he got a girlfriend. I started wondering if the prom date plans would change and I prepared myself for anything. I ended up hanging with his girlfriend who is also my friend and she said they already talked about it that nothing changed she was going to go with someone else. I started going on with my life as normal for a couple weeks. I hear from my senior friend that he told her he wants to go with her. I’m find with that, but my only problem is that he didn’t come up to me like a normal person. I know that he probably did that so he wouldn’t hurt my feelings I understand that. My question is that should I talk to him about it, or should I just drop it?