Would You Rather: Prom Nightmares

Prom night takes a whole hell of a lot of preparation. From perfecting your hair to getting your makeup #onfleek to picking out the perfect dress to solidifying the perfect date. Prom prep basically takes a lifetime. Or at least, like, 3 months. At least.

Obviously, we are here to help with all that preparation nonsense. Prom is a big part of girl life, so we want to make sure your night is spectacular!


But what if it isn’t? *Gasp!*

Unfortunately, preparing for prom also means preparing for the worst things that could happen. And we mean the worst. possible. things. In this prom edition of Would You Rather, we tackle prom nightmares. Think you can handle the worst? Think again.

duct or


prom or grad


Which was the hardest decision to make? What’s your biggest prom fear? Let’s chat it out in the comments below!


 7 things you absolutely have to do on prom night

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