Everything You Need To Know About Farting

You know how there’s a book called Everybody Poops? Well, there should be a book called “Everybody Farts” because we’re a lot more uncomfortable about that fact. We all fart. We’ve farted in class, we’ve farted at our friend’s house, we’ve farted on an awkward date. Farts happen, y’all, and whoever decided that it isn’t a thing that girls do obviously haven’t been around many girls because, uh, we definitely fart too.

But even though you know that everyone farts, you probably don’t know what’s really the deal with farts. You know, like, why the hell do they happen in the first place? Or, what causes a silent but deadly fart? Well, in case you’re curious, here are all the answers to questions about farts that you didn’t know you had.

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What exactly are farts? 

Farts–or, flatulence–are gases hanging out in your intestines that eventually find their way out of your body though your rectum–or, your butt. Most of our gas is generated by bacteria fermenting undigested food in your intestinal tract, especially the column. That said, a small percentage the environmental air that we breathe in every day is a source of our farts, too. So yeah, farts are just gasses that are chillin’ in your body, waiting to come out and make their grand, one time only appearance.

Okay, so I know how farts are made now but what exactly causes farts?

There are a ton of fart culprits. Here are some of the biggies:

  • High fiber foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains and beans and peas.
  • Food sensitivity, such as lactose intolerance, sugar sensitivity, and gluten allergies.
  • Medical conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease or Chron’s disease.
  • Carbonated liquids like soda.
  • Gum chewing.
  • Swallowed air.


Okay TMI but I think I fart more than usual. Why is that?

First, we need to get one thing straight: We produce, on average, 500 to 1500 milliliters of gas every day. That’s basically half of a two liter soda full of fart. Mmm, lovely image, right? This produces about 10 to 20 farts a day on average. If you think you fart more than that, there might not be anything wrong. If you have a high fiber diet, you’re going to fart more. But if your farts are accompanied by stomach pain, bloating, and discomfort, your gas might be the result of a larger problem. Play closer attention to what you eat, you might have a food sensitivity. If you have wacky bowel movements, too, you might be suffering from a bowl disorder.You could also go to a doctor if you’re concerned! Better to be safe than farty! Ha…ha?

Why do farts smell?

Fun fact: Most of the gas we produce doesn’t smell bad at all! And by most I’m talking 99 percent, comprised of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane, none of which are smelly. So where does that awful smell come from? Well, one percent of the gas we produce contains sulfur, and if you’ve ever smelled sulfur then you know that that stuff reeks. So yeah, blame, the one percent.

That said, some foods such as meat, eggs, broccoli, and cabbage can make your farts smell worse because they have a fair amount of sulfur in them, unlike, say, a peach.

Can I eat foods that will make me less gassy?

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Can you? Sure. Should you? It really depends. Like I said, if you have a food sensitivity to dairy or something, it won’t hurt to avoid eating too much cheese. Okay, I mean, it will hurt your soul because cheese rules but it’ll help out your gut. Other foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates also have a tendency to make us gassy, so trimming down on that might not be a bad idea. Otherwise, a lot of foods that make us fart are actually rally good for us, especially beans, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, onions, cabbage, apples, peaches, pears, and whole grains. So you shouldn’t stop eating those healthy foods just because they’ll make you gassy, but if you’re super worried about it then just try to cut down on eating them if you know you’re going to be out and about.

That said, there are other things you can do to be a little less gassy if you have some run of the mill gas issues: Eat smaller meals, exercise more and try not to get too stressed out!

Is it true that girls fart less than boys?

Nah, farts have nothing to do with biological sex or gender. Everyone farts the same amount unless some sort of health issue is at play. That said, some studies have suggested that cis-gender women produce smellier farts because their farts contain larger volumes of hydrogen sulfide. Hmm…

Is it normal to be super gassy during your period?

Yes! In fact, it’s normal for your digestion to be funky in general during your time of the month. You know, the unbearable urge to poop forever, the worst constipation ever, bloating…and, yes, farting. Why is all of that going on? Here’s the quick and dirty: A hormone called prostaglandin likes to signal the uterus to contract during your period so that it can expel its uterine lining, but they also trigger the bowels, which are very close to your uterus. So if that hormone is telling your bowels to contract then, well, poop city. This also leads to excess gas and other digestive issues. So yeah, totally normal to fart and have other digestive eff ups during your time of the month.

Is it unhealthy to hold in a fart?

You won’t die or anything, but you’re not going to feel great if you do. We’ve all done it, and we all know that that fart never really goes away. Holding in a fart might not send you to the hospital, but it’ll cause some avoidable stomach pains and cramps.

I’m embarrassed that I’ll accidentally fart in front in my bf/gf.

It’ll happen, it’ll be awkward, and you’ll either both acknowledge it and laugh or ignore it. Trust, it’ll happen to your partner some time, too. Fart around each other in peace and relax or excuse yourself to the bathroom. Holding in a fart around bae just sucks.

Can you really light a fart on fire?

Yes, technically, because your farts are comprised of super flammable gasses. But please, don’t risk burning yourself over a fart. It’s not worth it.

I think farting is pretty hot. 


Want more farting info? Check out these amazing farting facts!

Do you have any other questions about farting? Do you have an awkward farting story to share?  Tell us in the comments!

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