11 Times Blair Waldorf Described Your Feelings About An Unwanted Crush

It’s really hard when you have a crush for someone and they don’t have feelings in return. But you manage and eventually move on. Some people don’t get the hint, which can be really frustrating. I mean, you can’t help it that you’re awesome and people like you, but it’s kind of hard to deal with if someone has a crush on you and won’t leave you alone. It can make you really uncomfortable!

I couldn’t think of anyone better than Blair Waldorf to explain what this is like:

1. When your friends tell you that someone has a crush on you:

Oh?! Do tell!

2. And when your friends tell you that someone is a person you really don’t like:


3. When your friends are all “You might like them!” just because you’re single:

Stop talking.

4. When you start noticing that this person is running into you on purpose:

I know what you’re doing.

5. When you notice that this person is doing things for you in order to get your attention:

You don’t want to be mean, but take a hint!

6. When they try to make conversation but you have nothing in common and you’re just like:


7. When you find out your friends might have told this person you liked them:

And you definitely don’t.

8. When, for a split second, you think you *might* like this person:

But realize you don’t and it’s just nice to have the attention.

9. When this person blows up your phone or constantly shows up around you and your friends:

Let me live!

10. When you are honest with this person about your lack of feelings for them:

You’re great, but I’m just not into you like that!

11. Or if they don’t get it after all of that and you have to be a little more stern:

Please just STOP.
Has this ever happened to you? What have you done when someone you don’t like has a crush on you? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • AgainstTheWall

    Having an unwanted crush is a lot more awful than when your crush doesn’t like you back. I experienced it again just this year at a summer school program, it was so uncomfortable and I felt pretty bad about the whole thing. I wanted to be friends with him at first, after getting to know him some more and working out his true intentions, I wasn’t really into the whole idea of being around him and that’s really when things got stressful. I’m glad I never have to see him again.