Would You Rather: Sexy Scenarios Or Delicious Desserts

We all know sex is pretty fabulous. Whether it’s with yourself or with a partner, there is a whole lot to love when it comes to gettin’ down and dirty. But we all also know that dessert is extremely important. All those delicious cakes and cookies and ice cream. And chocolate. Don’t forget chocolate.

Both sex and desserts are pretty sweet and stellar. And I know you probably want both a lot. Like maybe all the time.

But, in this week’s would you rather, you can’t have both! That’s right. We are pitting sexual scenarios against delicious desserts. This one will be damn near impossible, girls! Just try to pick between these scenarios — and be endlessly grateful that you can have both IRL!

makeout or cake

oral vs cheesecake

oral or cookies

fantasy or hot fudge

masturbation or ice cream

hot coco or cuddles

kisses or cupcakes

chocolates or sex toys

sex or dessert

chocolate or sex


Phew, that was tough! Did sex or dessert win you over in the end? Which was the hardest choice to make? Tell me all about it in the comments below!


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