10 Things You Should Never Do Before Or During Prom

You guys, we are in full prom season right now. There are dresses everywhere and prom committees are deep into planning mode. I remember the weeks leading up to prom was pretty stressful when I was in high school because it was really the first big thing we had to plan for. You had to have the dress, the shoes, the appointments, the limo, etc. It was a lot so I know how you’re feeling!

Amidst all of that planning, it’s easy to lose track of things because your brain is doing a million tasks at once. I wore new heels during my first prom, which made me realize I needed to wear comfortable flats the next year. We learn from our mistakes! But take it from me and do not od these things before or during prom:

What other don’ts for prom can you think of? Tell us in the comments below!
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