Quiz: Are You Attracted To Girls?

If there’s one queer question we get on the regular, it’s how to tell if you are into girls. And we totally get it. Sexuality can be a super confusing thing that you want to decode quickly!

Does the question, “Are you into girls?” have you like this:



Well, don’t worry. We have a totally fool-proof quiz that will answer that question once and for all!

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. Maybe it’s not totally fool-proof because sexuality can be fluid and quizzes don’t know all. But nevertheless, this quiz is a good starting point for starting to think more about your sexuality. So take it! You know you want to…


So, are you into girls? What advice do you have for girls who may be questioning their sexuality? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!


How do I know if I’m lesbian, bisexual, straight, or something else?

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  • Batman

    I always knew I am into girls. Damn I hope I end up with some long haired hot blonde girl. Oh well took the quiz just outta curiosity.

  • Eleisia Castro

    i wanted to take the test i dont now but i am most likely to preefer boys than girls idk

  • aliv

    i already knew i am into girls but i took the quiz anyway! 🙂