10 Stupid Yahoo Answers Questions About Plus Size Girls

Body shaming is terrible, no matter what size the victim is. But please, lets be real: While girls are certainly made fun of for being skinny, it’s nothing compared to the disgusting vitriol that is spewed towards plus size girls. Period. For every “go eat a sandwich,” there’s a billion people pretending that they know the health status of overweight people. And if they’re not doing that, they’re dictating what clothes they should or shouldn’t wear. Trust me, the people doing this will claim that they’re just trying to help, that they want to make sure that people are healthy, when the truth is that they just hate the fact that fat people dare to exist–some even exist without wanting to be a size two. Wow, shocker.

Its awesome that there is a growing fat acceptance movement and that companies are making an effort to make clothes that fit a wider range of bodies, but there are still idiots out there who see nothing wrong with shaming larger women. So you know what? We’re going to shame them. Here are 10 stupid Yahoo Answers questions about plus size girls that will make you remember who the number one victim of body shaming really is.


1. Because it’s a free country and it looks awesome, hater.

Yahoo Answers Questions Plus Size Girls 1

my mad fat diary rae snark


2. Looks shouldn’t matter, period.

Yahoo Answers Questions Plus Size Girls 10



3. This…is so random and untrue.

Yahoo Answers Questions Plus Size Girls 7

helena bonham carter confused


4. Wow, everything you said is totally justified because you’re a “chubby chaser.” Get out of here.

Yahoo Answers Questions Plus Size Girls 5


5. Because they should have plus size options. Period. Cool humble brag, though.

Yahoo Answers Questions Plus Size Girls 4

lisa simpson bored


6. The Fat Acceptance isn’t even against skinny people so…

Yahoo Answers Questions Plus Size Girls 8

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy


7. Everyone has the right to wear a bikini. 

Yahoo Answers Questions Plus Size Girls 6

clueless snob and a half



Yahoo Answers Questions Plus Size Girls 2

naomi campbell you're an idiot



Yahoo Answers Questions Plus Size Girls 9


10. Just you. Stop pretending you care about people’s health.

Yahoo Answers Questions Plus Size Girls 3


Have you ever dealt with any stupid questions like these? How should someone who does respond to this kind of ignorance? Tell us in the comments!

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    Many plus size girls (both fat and stocky), including those who are short, are STRONG!!! I am a tall skinny man. I once had such a girlfriend. She was short and she was more on the fat side than on the stocky side but that was fine by me. She and I liked lifting weights together. Our regular lift was in the clean and jerk (lifting a barbell over the shoulders from the floor and then lifting it overhead from the shoulders). She always went first. I towered over her by more than a foot while she outweighed me by more than fifty pounds (I stood 6-foot-1 @ 125 lbs. while she stood 4-foot-9 @190 lbs. One day, early in our relationship, she and I decided to engage in an all-out, one-on-one weightlifting contest in the clean and jerk. This was after she told me she lifts weights. I had a barbell set at my apartment where I invited her over. Before she arrived, I set the barbell up on the floor. After she arrived, I watched her while she grabbed that barbell from the floor. I was sure she couldn’t lift it over her head because it was mighty heavy after I set it up with plenty of discs. To my utter surprise, she easily swung it up over her shoulders. While I continued standing there watching her, she easily lifted that barbell right up over her head!!! Then came my turn. She placed the barbell back down to the floor and then she walked over in front of me. It was incredible how much I towered way over her despite the fact that she far outweighed me. While I was looking way down at her, she looked way up at me and then she said to me (in her cute, girlish way): “Now let’s see you do it!!!” I stepped over to the barbell and then while she was watching me, I grabbed it from the floor. While she continued watching me, I made an attempt to lift it above my shoulders just like I saw her do. I COULDN’T DO IT!!! I tried but I failed miserably. I tried yet again but again, I failed miserably. At that point, I already knew I was way too skinny to lift it over my head, especially the way she easily lifted it over her head. She and I stood in front of each other once again. While she was looking way up at me, I looked way down at her and then I congratulated her on her easy victory over me. I immediately conceded defeat. I then reached down and I gave her a congratulatory kiss that, to my surprise, turned into a long, tender, passionate kiss. That was the first time she and I kissed each other. She and I walked over to the sofa where we both conversed with each other in order to get to know each other better. We then lay down whereupon the passionate kissing continued — FOR HOURS!!!

  • Yoon Bum

    To people who want more plus-size clothing available: You aren’t entitled it. You shouldn’t have gotten fat. There are people who are short or very thin and deserve clothes that fit because they haven’t done anything. But you? Forget you and your “problems”. Maybe if you have trouble finding pretty clothes you’ll lose the weight finally.

  • Jason Young

    Plus size doesn’t equal morbidly obese. But hey whatever makes you happy. Couldn’t give less of a shit

  • How to react to these? IGNORE THEM. People will think and say what they want and it’s their right. Just be the best you that you can be and go on living your life.

    Nobody owes it to us to find us attractive. Different people exist in the world and they have their preferences. I don’t expect the whole world to find me beautiful. They don’t owe me that. But it hasn’t stopped me from facing society confidently everytime I step outside.

  • Hannah Jade

    I am guilty of shaming skinny women and plus sized women, I am not going to lie. I finally learned more about body shaming and realized that what I was saying may have sounded fine, but it was rude. I think the plus size option should be everywhere. It sucks going to stores when they don’t have a plus size section, especially if the clothes in the plus size section suck. I am not skinny, but I am also not obese, so I am always at stores pondering between the plus size section and the “regular” section. I don’t really think a plus size section should exist. They should just make a millennium of sizes. I am just rambling… whatever bye

  • Pancake Lord

    2 and 6 didn’t seem that bad. I get what a lot of them are saying about the health issues. A lot of people do tell people not to be judgmental of overweight people (that’s understandable) but not the people who shame people skinnier than them because they are insecure and want to bring people down. There are also a lot of health issues, but it is really there choice on what they want to do.

  • Merp

    “Body shaming is terrible, no matter what size the victim is. But please, lets be real: While girls are certainly made fun of for being skinny, it’s nothing compared to the disgusting vitriol that is spewed towards plus size girls.” HYPOCRITE OF THE MMILLENNIUM GOES TO… Seriously? When it comes to body shaming among girls, no size has it worse. How dare you say the struggles of thinner people are nothing? Negative comments about your body has a bad impact on the victim PERIOD. Being called anorexic is nothing right? Binging to gain weight is nothing? Right because being called obese or starving to lose weight has nooo comparison and is clearly more harmful.

    • OctoberSkies

      All the rudeness is just as awful, but large girls DO get hated on a lot more frequently, and people are lot meaner to thick girls than thinner girls. That’s what’s she’s saying – it’s terrible to shame anyone for their appearance, it’s just that heavier girls tend to receive more negative comments more often.

      • Merp

        She’s saying that thinner girls’ struggles are nothing because it isn’t as frequent. I didn’t deny bigger girls get hated on more, but to say they’re struggles are worse is ridiculous. All body shaming is wrong.