10 Ways To Tell If You’re The Elsa Of Your Friends

Frozen-mania still hasn’t died down yet, especially now that Disney announced Frozen 2 is happening. No, I haven’t seen it yet. But I do know that Elsa is pretty cool (pun intended) and has great hair and style. Judging from what I know about the movie, she’s a badass as well.

So if you’re anything like Queen Elsa, you’ll share these traits:

1. You offer wise bits of wisdom to all of your friends.

I mean, DUH.

2. You don’t really hold grudges.

Let it gooooooooooo!

3. You can do magic tricks.

You might not be able to create ice from your hands, but you can do a little magic.

4. Your fashion game is on fleek.

Your friends are always asking for style tips.

5. You’re always willing to help friends in need.

Helping people makes you happy!

6. You do have some secrets.

But everyone does, so whatevs.

7. You’re sassy as hell.

Even your stride is full of sass.

8. You love your family to death.


9. You’re not afraid to stand up for yourself.

And you may have taken a few self defense classes.

10. The cold never bothered you anyway.

Like, you don’t even need a jacket.
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  • Saeryen

    I am so Elsa. I often feel like I have to hide a part of myself in public, since I still have my childhood innocence and sense of wonder and enjoy “kids'” things, like playing on a playground. This list also applies to me a lot.