10 Websites To Visit That Will Help You Stop Procrastinating For Good

When I was in school I was a great student, but I procrastinated a lot. It was really bad. I even wrote my final college paper (25 pages!) the night before it was due, resulting in a serious coffee hangover and a very cranky attitude. (Note: do not follow my lead on that.) But waiting right until the deadline always put the pressure on me to really get things done, and I always got good grades.

As an adult, I’ve learned that this is a terrible tactic and procrastination does not work in your favor. We work on the internet all day, and it’s easy to get distracted. So I’m going to share some of my favorite anti-procrastination and pro-focus sites with you so you can avoid the lazy bug:

1. stickK

StickK is a really cool site that makes your goals public so that other people will know if you don’t do something. You create a goal and timeline, set up some stakes (money or otherwise), get support, and hopefully share your eventual success. This is great for long-term goals because the community can help hold you accountable. And it feels really good to have everyone congratulate you when you do complete something!

2. Coffitivity

Coffitivity is one of my favorite sites to use when I’m working and need to focus. It creates the atmosphere of a coffee shop for you to listen to during your time on the computer, and it’s supported by science to help you work more efficiently!

3. Antiprocrastinator

This is basically a guided anti-procrastination meditation session. It helps you really sit down and focus on what you’re procrastinating and why. Antiprocrastinator snaps you back into focus mode in just a few minutes.

4. Keep Me Out
keep me out

This site is perfect when you need to pump out a research paper or big project. You plug in various websites that distract you and how long you need to focus, and Kick Me Out will block you from those sites.

5. RescueTime
rescue time

RescueTime tracks how you use your time online and on applications on your computer so you can see how much time you’re actually wasting. Once you see it, you’ll stop wasting time almost immediately.

6. Write or Die
write or die

Write or Die is kind of scary, but it works. It provides consequences for procrastination so if you don’t finish what you’re working on, bad things happen.

7. Mee Timer
mee timer

Mee Timer is actually a browser add-on. It tracks your activity and groups it into categories so you can see what you’re wasting time on. It even shows you how much time you’re wasting per week.

8. Noisli

Noisli allows you to select the kind of productivity mode you need and creates a mix of sounds that will boost your focus. Pretty cool!

9. Productivity Owl
productivity owl

This is a Google Chrome extension that makes you focus. If you’re procrastinating, the owl swoop across your screen and get rid of the tabs you’re wasting time on.

10. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes
do nothing

Sometimes the best way to stop procrastinating is to stop everything. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes provides 2 minutes of meditation for you to chill out and refocus your brain on the task at hand.
Do you procrastinate? What tips do you have? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Miza

    it works, coffitivity works!

    this comes from someone who put off 3 months worth of chemistry hw, so it cant be wrong.

  • John Dolan

    great list. though to add, i would reccomend HabitRPG in terms of this kinda stuff, its my current choice for this kind of site

  • Joanna

    A Google Extension I really like is called Momentum, I see it on study blogs on tumblr all the time. Whenever you open a new window, it opens up with an inspirational picture, has your own to-do list and you can set your own goal for the day 🙂