7 Things You Should Never Shame A Thin Girl For

As a former model, I always keep an ear to the ground about happenings in the industry. This morning, I read an article about France banning unhealthy and underweight models. While this sounds like a good thing, it’s actually not. Why? Because they’re determining whether or not said models are healthy based on BMI, which is a completely inaccurate depiction of how healthy someone is.

By this new rule, I would be unable to model. I’ve never weighed over 115 pounds, but I’m healthy. While I totally understand the intent behind this bill, I don’t think it’s happening the right way. I don’t want unhealthy models on the runway either! But there are plenty of models with low BMIs who are healthy. And there are plenty with high BMIs that aren’t. I’ve always been shamed for having a low BMI by doctors and such, but I literally cannot help it so what am I supposed to do? Check out these 7 things people need to stop shaming thin girls for:

What do you think about this proposed law in France? Have you ever been thin-shamed? What else have you been shamed for? Tell us in the comments below!
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14 things you say that don’t realize are thin-shaming

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  • Brandon Ellis

    I think skinny girls are flippin cute… In fact, I find “XL curves” are very unappealing. Those people who say that there’s something wrong with you are just jealous, cos they all know they gonna be the size of a whale when they hit 45. With skinny girls, nothing sags or drapes much with age. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being skinny… In fact it is a one hell of a blessing, one that “big” girls will never know…
    Anyways, you always get guys like me that find it absolutely gorgeous 😉

  • Courtney

    I feel the same way when I hear that song- I get it. I mean, I don’t always feel bad about my body shape- which I’m happy about, but sometimes when I scroll on Facebook and see girls that are curvier post things like “Men go for meat, dogs go for bones” and things like that, it makes you feel pretty bad- and I go into stores and I want to buy a pretty bra but they don’t have nearly any small enough for me, it’s embarrassing- my best friend, she’s a size 14- I’m a size 4, we find we both kind of have similar or opposite problems when finding clothes, and being judged for our body types. All types get judged- there is no “perfect body type” there is just who you are, and that’s pretty amazing if everyone can get over judging one another.

  • Maria

    Honey, first of all, life ain’t fair. And I do hope you know the hurt you feel from the song “All About That Bass” is the hurt many overweight women and even some average weight women feel all the time. I know this from experience so don’t even try to deny it. I hope you post something like this but instead of focusing on skinny women you could do this for overweight women. I promise you that you aren’t the only woman to feel like this, and if you believe this, well I think you should really think hard about life because a lot of women have raised their self-esteem because of that song. Something many could not do because overweight women have been degraded for so long. There are 100x more songs that promote skinny women, and I find it time to see this change. If this one song affected you, I suggest you just listen to all that other crap that plays on the radio, it really only promotes skinny women, so I don’t see your complaining about this one song so important. Just one poke and you guys rage. We’ve been pushed for so long so don’t expect me to stay quiet.

    I’m sorry for being so…forward and angry, but I’ve had enough being put down and stuff. I understand it hurts, and don’t worry, it always does. But you are already lucky being skinny is viewed much better than it is being fat. And if you’re main problem (or just problem) is finding a guy that will love you, well it isn’t even just the weight they pay attention to, it’s the confidence. And I know it as a fact.

    • Maggie

      I agree with the whole thing about skinny people aren’t the only ones who feel bad, like duh, but nobody can say to someone who is skinny “hey that’s what guys like” bc then they sound like a bitch. So many songs promote big girls..name one song that promotes being a thin stick. Big girls feel bad bc they are big, but small girls feel bad bc they are small. Neither side should be told that they are stupid for being self conscious, and nobody should blow away a skinny girls insecurities. Bc nobody would blow off a big girl feeling bad about herself.

      • EllieLo

        “Nobody would blow off a big girl feeling bad about herself”
        That’s completely false. If anything, if a big girl starts to feel bad about herself, everyone seems quick to attack her and say it’s her own damn fault in the first place, and that if she lost some weight she’d feel better (mind you, these are reactions to situations that have NOTHING to do with health, but people still think they’re good things to say to bigger women). You do realize that more and more jobs have started hiring and firing people based on their weight and BMI, right? They claim it has to do with health insurance, but I think we all know that’s bs.

        The songs out there completely accepting of bigger women are BY bigger women. And before you give me male examples, re-examine those songs and see if they’re talking about accepting the women being bigger as a whole or just certain, selective parts of her (butt, boobs, thighs, etc). There’s a difference between accepting a big girl for their overall size and saying “I’m okay with you having a huge butt, but the rest of you has to be skinny”.

        No one should feel shamed for their body (big or small) and everyone has their problems (big and small)….but don’t pretend we don’t live in a world where smaller/leaner is more ‘preferred’ and ‘encouraged’.

        • 5sos is life

          Yeah society does prefer thinner women. But a lot of people that believe in “equality” body shame skinny girls in the process. Look it up. People saying that guys don’t want girls that look like sticks they want curvy women. There are SO many people out there that automatically assume skinny girls are bitches because there skinny or that they feel superior. And I’m tired of it. I get ridiculed all the time by my peers to eat a burger or stop starving myself. When I don’t. People need to stop trying to make bigger women feel better about them selves by making skinny girls fell worse. Ugh..

    • Suzy

      How can you say that someone is lucky when you don’t know them? I’m sorry you’re unhappy with your body. So am I. I’m stick thin. No one should be told that they have no right to be upset when people harass them. No one. Also, thin girls saying that they are sick and tired of being bullied for their natural size by no means lessens your struggle, nor are we trying to bring you down in the process. She never insulted your body in this post. She simply asked to stop making other women feel bad. When you are thin, you get way more crap then people seem to notice, and the worst part about it is that society turns a blind eye. The crap people have said to be in my pre teen and teen years because of my size have ruined my self esteem.As an adult, I still get the crap, I’m just better at telling people to fuck off. However, I’m still too ashamed of my natural body to wear shorts in public. Body shaming is a fight for all women, and until we ban together on this crap, we won’t get anywhere. Hurting others because you have been hurt does NOT make it okay.

      I will also address my problem with “All about that bass”, yes, it is insulting, and it is insulting because it claims to be a “body positivity” song, it claims to be all for women and how we should be confident. Yet it puts down some women for the sake of others, AND, even worse, the song basically states that all women should base their self worth on what a man wants in bed. That’s the vibe I got from it, and that isn’t pro women or body positivity. If it didn’t make these claims, I wouldn’t care, but it does. For example, Nicki Minaj has music that is very offensive to smaller women, HOWEVER, I don’t take offense because her music isn’t trying to start something. She isn’t claiming to be working towards body positivity. Therefore, I don’t care. It’s the claims and the notion behind All About That Bass that bother me more than anything.

      Also, for everyone saying that smaller women don’t have the right to be upset because we are typically more favored in society, just shut up. I’d never tell your struggle is stupid. Don’t tell me that mine is. You haven’t walked a mile in my shoes. Nor have I yours. I’ve been given hell for my body. It’s been a huge issue for me for so many years. Now that I’m older and wiser, I’m going to speak up about this issue. I have a right to be upset when I’ve been told time and time again that my body is wrong, don’t try to brush me aside because you think that my feelings are invalid. This doesn’t have to be a war between women, we should work towards accepting each other and defending each other, not playing the “well I have it worse!” game. That’s the problem with the current body positivity movement. As a women who has been given hell for my body, I just want to be heard and not brushed aside. So please, lets ban together and support each other, and until we can do that, women are going to just keep insulting each other. Let’s move forward for once, please?