12 Real Girls Reveal Their Period Cravings

Periods can make you do really ridiculous things because they totally screw up your hormones. And they also make you crave some weird foods. I haven’t gotten my period in years thanks to Mirena, but I still get some menstruation symptoms on occasion. PMS and cravings pop up sometimes, but I don’t even care because cravings are a great reason to eat whatever you want.

Sure, you can try to control those period cravings, but just let your body live! Give in to your weird craving of pickles and chocolate chips! I’m a firm believer that eating whatever you’re craving makes your period less horrible. And if you think your cravings are strange, you’re not alone! Some of our very own girls from the message boards revealed their period cravings:

What do you crave when you’re on your period? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Torra

    Cholate,Sweets,Lots of Cheese,Large Amounts of Pasta and huge ridiculous amounts of fatty food with oils or sugar as though I haven’t eaten in days. It’s magic as how I stay thin on my cycle after throwing up with morning sickness when it first starts with nightmare no hell cramps straight from hell.

  • Giselle Magana

    I crave peanut butter most of the time
    My friends get mad couse I practically finish the whole bottle

  • Olivia Byers

    I crave fries dipped in ice cream and also pineapples. I won’t eat pineapples unless I’m on my period.

  • Plumeria

    I crave pickles and my mom and sister think im weird