8 Male Friendships That Should Have Ended In Romance

In movies and TV shows, we’re always witnessing sexual tension between friends full of furtive glances, awkward blushes and loads of “will they won’t they” madness. But when this actually leads to romance, it’s always just between cis-gender, hetero people. Er, right, because this never happens between non-straight cis people. Uh, okay, whatever. While there are a few exceptions to this rule now that TV and movies are slowly trying to diversify, it’s still pretty rare, unfortunately.

I’ve already gone into which female friendships should have ended with romance, but what about the dudes? Now it’s their turn! Here are eight male friendships that would make for an entertaining romance.

Scott And Stiles From Teen Wolf

Yeah, yeah, a lot of people in the Teen Wolf fandom love Stiles and Dereck because OMG tension. But if you're less into dramatics and aggression then Scott and Stiles might be your cup of tea instead. They're just a pair of two cute dorks...one happens to be a werewolf but whatever, TWO CUTE DORKS.

Sherlock And Watson From Sherlock

Honestly, if these two weren't listed I would get a flood of angry comments so HERE YOU ARE, SHERLOCK FANDOM. But honestly, people have been shipping these two ever since the books were popular, so it's not like any shippers of these two are deluded or anything. Unless, of course, you believe that Sherlock is asexual...food for thought?

Troy And Abed From Community

Okay, this is one of the best TV dude friendships ever and it doesn't need romance but romance wouldn't hurt it, either. These two just have the best, funniest chemistry, you know? So why not? WHY NOT? Give me a reason, I'm waiting.

Remus And Sirius From Harry Potter

This is a classic ship to anybody who was or still is in the Harry Potter fandom. How compatible they would have really been is definitely up for debate but just think about it for a second, okay. It...it could work. #Subtext.

Steve And Seb From The Captain America Franchise

I'm not going to give too much away since this is an active franchis with active plots and twists and turns and reveals and all of that but...Steve and Bucky would have been way cute, right? RIGHT?

Cory And Shawn From Boy Meets World

Hey, if it didn't work out with Topanga or Angela, these two could have worked. The show already alluded to them acting as a couple on enough occasions for viewers to wonder if the show runners secretly shipped them.

Cook And Freddie From Skins

These besties spent most of seasons three and four of Skins fighting over Effy than anything else when really they should have just made out and became a couple instead. Probably would have led to a lot less drama...and Freddie ending up a little less dead but shhhh.

Stan And Kyle From South Park

Friendship turns into romance all the time? Why not for these two? Also, even though these two would never be a couple on the show, they're still one of the most endearing cartoon male friendships around, honestly.

Which of these shows do you actually remember incredibly well? Which ones do you think were forgettable for a reason (AKA really sucked)? Tell us in the comments!

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