Would You Rather: ’90s Nickelodeon Shows Edition

The soundtrack to my childhood, you ask? Well, obviously I grew up with the constant sound of ’90s Nickelodeon TV blaring in the background!

I’m sure you can all probably agree. I mean, it was the ’90s, after all! What else were you doing if you weren’t watching Nickelodeon? You sure weren’t on Tumblr or texting or taking selfies.


Whether it was laughing at All That or hardcore shipping Doug and Pattie or wondering endlessly what the hell slime was, ’90s Nick toons were our lives. For real.

So, in this week’s Would You Rather, we put your ’90s Nick love to the test. Just see if you can pick between these throwback situations!

angelica and helga


popcorn meatloaf

krumm squidward

penelope or helga


beets rugrats

donnie vs rugrats


kenan and kel

What ’90s Nick tune was your favorite? What was the hardest question to answer this week? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Quiz: How well do you know ’90s Nickelodeon?

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