7 Sex Urban Legends That Are Actually True

We’ve all grown up hearing the most ridiculous sex related urban legends, from soda up the cooch preventing pregnancy to green M&Ms acting as an aphrodisiac. Unfortunately, some people actually believed them, which probably led to some nasty surprises and some epic disappointments…and maybe even some unexpected babies. But hopefully you, our awesome readers, know better than the believe ’em.

But…what about those urban legends that are actually true? You might be surprised–and a little freaked out–about the ones that aren’t just made up crap. Here are seven sex urban legends that aren’t just tall tales.

Yep, There Were Vending Machines In Japan For "Schoolgirl" Undies

It's easy to write this off as another rumor that coincides with the stereotype that Japan is a land of weirdness and robots. Except, this is actually real. Yes, there were vending machines that claimed to sell used undies and they're marketed as previously belonging to young schoolgirls. Weird? Yes, very. But are they really used? Probably not, and they were probably never owned by a schoolgirl either. There are varying reports as to whether or not these vending machines are still around today, but you could definitely get used schoolgirl undies on the Internet if you really wanted to. Yikes.

Photo source: TechInAsia.com

Yeah, A Dick Can 'Break'

When you think of a body part breaking you usually think of something containing a bone, like an arm or a leg. So you're probably thinking, pfft, a penis can't break. It's just a bunch of spongey stuff! True, it is a bunch of spongey stuff but it can still technically break, just not the way you might think. An erect penis contains very rigid tissues, and if the penis is suddenly bent in a wonky way during sexy times...it'll legit make a snapping noise. YIKES! Be careful of those awkward sex positions, y'all. And if this does happen, make sure that you two get to the hospital ASAP; this might require surgery.

Photo source: Beavis And Butthead

Blowing Air Into A Vagina Can Be Lethal

This. Is. So. Freaky. So if your partner decides that it's super sexy to blow very very hard into your vagina with his lips acting as a super tight seal...you might want to be careful. Air bubbles could form and travel through the cervix and to the uterus, where they can be absorbed into your bloodstream. If this air bubble happens to circulate through your lungs, heart, or brain, you could experience a heart attack, stroke or death. Gah! To be fair, there's only a serious risk of that happening if the blood vessels in and around your sex organs are engorged from menstruation or pregnancy. Plus, it would require some pretty serious blowing to become a major issue. Still, if you're paranoid, I don't blame you! What a way to go...

Photo source: Grease

You Can Get Stuck Together During Penis + Vagina Sex

Yes, there are case of this actually happening! It's a phenomenon known as penis captivus and it's as weird as it sounds. A couple had to be pried apart at the hospital. Here's what happens: During orgasm the vaginal walls contract as the penis remains engorged. In this scenario, the vaginal walls have a hard time relaxing. In fact, they have such a hard time relaxing that the penis cannot easily slip out. So yeah, while rare, it's possible!

Photo source: Chapelle's Show

You Can Have An Allergic Reaction From Someone Else's Semen

There have been cases in which people have had allergic reactions from a partner's semen. Bummer, right? Well, it's extremely rare but don't assume that you're out of the woods just yet. If you have a severe food allergy, you can experience a reaction to it through someone else's semen, too. According to Cracked, this happened to a woman who came into contact with her boyf's semen after he ate some mixed nuts. Awkward...

Photo source: Daria

You Can Go Blind During Sex, Kinda

Okay, don't get too scared just yet. There have been instances of people having orgasms that are so out of this world awesome that they've gone blind--temporarily. The phenomenon is called amaurosis fugax and while it's scary, it's not permanent.

Photo source: Star Trek

Male Bodied People Can Lactate

Yes, it's true! Male and female bodied people have breast tissues which have milk producing cells. Just like breasts on female bodied people produce breastmilk to feed to babies, men can also produce milk...under certain conditions. So yeah, you can't just give a male bodied person a baby and say, "do your thing!" Male bodied people generally only lactate after intense hormone spikes, which can trigger an overproduction of prolactin, a gland that stimulates mammary glands which make milk. This has been documented in male-bodied people who have undergone starvation or those who have some health issues with their pituitary gland.

Photo source: Captain America

Shocked by any of these? Want to know the veracity of any other sex myths? Tell us in the comments!

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