16 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Your Best Friend

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over four years now, so I’d say that we’ve been together a pretty long time. Whenever anyone asks me how I feel about him, or how our relationship is, the answer is pretty simple: He’s my best friend. He’s not just my boyfriend, he’s also my best friend.

It takes a while to reach that level in your relationship. No matter how infatuated you are with each other in the beginning, it takes a few months (in some cases, years), to feel the same kind of complete comfort you would feel with the best girl friend you grew up with. But once you get there, you’ll know, and you’ll suddenly realize that the possibility of breaking up with your BF isn’t just upsetting because you would lose your significant other, but also because you would lose your best friend. It’s a little scary, but also awesome. Here are 16 signs your boyfriend is your best friend:


1. He’s the first person you run to when you have exciting or bad news.



2. You don’t feel like you guys have to hook up every time you’re together to have a good time.


Although, when you do, it’s still amazing.


3. You have tons of cute inside jokes no one else understands.

500 days of summer


4. You guys can communicate with just a look.

cute couple


5. You’re not afraid to just be completely yourself around him.

nick and jess

Weird emotions, silly dances, and all.


6. You don’t feel like you always have to look super pretty around him.

crazy stupid l;ove

You can send him goofy selfies or show up in sweats with no makeup on.


7. You guys can talk about literally anything, and there’s no such thing as awkward silence.



8. You guys know who each other’s celebrity crushes are and you can talk about them without feeling jealous.

seth summer


9. You can even tell him you think a regular person is cute without him flipping out, and vice versa.



10. You go to each other for advice on everything.



11. You don’t have to do super romantic things together in order to feel in love.


Like, your dates can be more like Netflix and popcorn than fancy dinner.


12. You’re not afraid to call each other out or be honest with each other about everything.

when harry met sally


13. He knows the gossip about your friends,and you know the gossip about his.


Sorry :-/


14. You talk to him about your period all the time.

kourtney scott

He probably even knows when it’s going to happen each month.


15. You fight over really dumb things, but get over it pretty quickly.

jennifer aniston


16. You know what he’s going to say or do before he does it, and vice versa.

barbie and ken


Are you and your boyfriend best friends? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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