10 Celebrities You Forgot Guest-Starred On Full House

Back in the day, many of our favorite celebrities weren’t starring as the lead in their own TV show, or headlining movies. Before they were famous, stars were basically doing whatever small role they were given – and oftentimes, we find that that small role was actually on a TV show we used to love and watch. We just didn’t know who that celeb was at the time, so they never really stuck in our minds.

One of my favorite things about binge-watching old TV shows is spotting celebrities from the present doing these tiny little roles that I completely forgot about. It’s weirdly exciting! While Full House never had as many of these guest stars as some other shows did, they did feature a few stars who ended up becoming much more famous for other roles.

Full House also featured guest stars who were already super famous – I love that too – that you probably don’t even remember. Want to know who I’m talking about? Here are 10 celebrities you forgot guest-starred on Full House.


Danielle Fishel

Right before she was on Boy Meets World, Danielle Fishel was on two episodes of Full House as a character named Jennifer, who is one of the three Jennifers that Stephanie wants to be like. Obviously Danielle was perfect on Boy Meets World, but I wouldn't have minded her doing this recurring character more often!

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Tahj Mowry

Tahj Mowry has been a big Disney star for a while now, but he got his start doing small spots on '90s TV shows, like Full House. Tahj played Teddy, Michelle's friend, in 14 different episodes. He was so adorable that it will make you want to scream. Also, this scene will make you cry.

Credit: Barry King / Contributor / Getty Images

Tia and Tamera Mowry

Tia and Tamera had a VERY small role in Full House - so small that I couldn't find any picture better than this one, and I couldn't find it on YouTube. They're both credited as playing Denise, Teddy's brother - and obviously, they are Teddy's sisters in real life. Cute!

Credit: Tommaso Boddi / Contributor / Getty Images

Jaleel White

In season 4, Urkel and Full House did a little bit of a crossover episode when Jaleel White appeared on the show in character as Urkel. He played DJ's friend's cousin, a "pain in the butt" who wouldn't leave the girls alone.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell

Remember Michelle's adorable little friend Denise? She was played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell (you might recognize her from Friday Night Lights, True Blood, or Parenthood). I can't deal with how cute Denise was!

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Andrew Keegan

Guys, remember Andrew Keegan? I don't know where he's been since his '90s fame, but I miss him. He was on one episode of Full House as Ryan, the guy Stephanie asks to a dance... except he never shows up. How rude!

Credit: Paul Archuleta / Contributor / Getty Images

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron appeared in one episode of Full House as "cousin Steve" who afterwards disappeared and was never heard from again. This revelation also helped me discover that Kirk Cameron and the actress who plays DJ are brother and sister in real life, which I NEVER KNEW.

Marla Sokoloff

Marla, who you should recognize from a whole bunch of different movies and TV shows, had a recurring role on Full House as Gia, Stephanie's bad-girl friend who I admittedly always sort of wanted to be like just a little bit. Whatever, don't judge me.

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The Beach Boys

Okay, I'm just going to say it: I have no idea what was happening when The Beach Boys guest-starred on this show. Literally no idea. DJ wins a contest to see them in concert, and then they all end up performing together? Okay, sure.

Which of these guest stars were your favorite? Who did you forget about? Who did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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