15 Easy Beauty Hacks From Real Girls That Actually Work

A quick search for “beauty hacks” on either Pinterest or Google will automatically bring up hundreds and thousands of results. There are beauty hacks out there for literally everything, whether it’s applying eyeliner or using deodorant. But after a while this list gets overwhelming, and you start to feel like, “Okay, enough is enough – these can’t all possibly work.”

That’s why sometimes it’s nice to get hacks from real people who have actually done these things, and had success with them. I mean, I’ve seen that one Pinterest pin for removing blackheads with Elmer’s glue about 200 times, but I’ve never actually met someone in real life who vouches for it, so I’m pretty skeptical on how legit that one is. I love getting beauty hacks from fellow beauty editors, friends, or random strangers who learned these tips and tricks years ago, before they were considered “hacks.”

One great place to look for them? Reddit! On Reddit’s Ask Women thread, women of all ages shared their favorite beauty hacks for makeup, hair, and skincare. Real girls are vouching for these, so you know that they work (at least for someone). Check out these 15 great beauty hacks you need to try:

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