15 Super Offensive Yahoo Answers Questions About Women

Fact: We live in a super sexist world. Yeah, sure, many women can vote, run for office or become CEO of a company, but for the most part? A few exceptions to the rule doesn’t mean that sexism isn’t super prevalent. There’s a reason why girls are seen as sexually explicit just for wearing leggings. There’s a reason why wage inequality is a serious issue for women, especially women of color. There’s a reason why many female rape victims are thought to be liars who stretch the truth. There’s a reason why in some parts of the world, girls are attacked and even killed for trying to get an education. None of these things are just a coincidence, it’s the result of living in a patriarchal world…and it kind of really blows.

Even though there are plenty of dudes out there who don’t treat women like garbage, there are a lot of them who still have super old fashioned and sexist ideas about women. If you feel like going into a girl power rage, check out these 15 offensive Yahoo Answers questions about women. Sexism is alive and well, girls!


1. Why are dudes obsessed with violence against women being a standard of equality?

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 8



2. Nah, bro. 

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 5

clueless cher as if get off of me


3. Uh…

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 10

sexist gif


4. Answer: No.

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 12

atlanta side eye


5. Get a life?

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 7

stop talking


6. Oh! Sexism with a heaping side of racism. My favorite.

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 9

jessica williams racist


7. Because contraception never fails, right?

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 15



8. Men’s studies? You mean almost every course ever?

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 4


hermione gif


9. What planet does this dude live on?

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 1



10. Transphobia and more obsession over violent against women. What a winner!

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 13

orange is the new black side eye


11. No comment.

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 6

ghost world eye roll


12. Our only purpose is to serve men and make sure they’re satisfied because LOL who cares about our lives, right?

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 2

daria jane sick sad world


13. F’real, though?

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 11


14. Because we’re human beings with opinions and thoughts, too? As if men are always rational. Pfft! Yeah, right!

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 14

naomi campbell you're an idiot


15. Because every month is white dude history month. Bye!

Yahoo Answers Questions Sexist 3



Which of these questions have you actually heard IRL? What other sexist questions have you heard people ask in the past? Tell us in the comments!

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  • alex

    Oh yeah
    Sexist man = sexist
    Sexist woman= feminist

  • alex

    I can tell this wasn’t a man writing this, we wouldn’t waste time on something hilarious and try to make it serious, 10 ways I laughed today

  • Bret Zeller

    This article is lame. Many of the questions weren’t sexist, and the responses weren’t remotely legitimate.

  • Those questions are so obnoxious EW.

  • Forever Demi

    Sorry but women are not superior if I was attacking a guy he has every right to hit me back

    • Fuzzles

      like where does it even say that? strawman arguments are so 2009